Pivo Launches Faster Pivo Pod Silver

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Pivo is excited to announce Pivo Pod Silver, the latest addition to the Pivo family. The device is now available for purchase via their online store.

Pivo Pod serves as a personal cameraman that captures users with 360 degree auto-tracking. With Pivo’s hands-free smart capture modes and motion tracking functions, users can freely film themselves, generate content with unique editing features, and share it with their friends and family.

What is Pivo Pod Silver?

The new Pivo Pod Silver is perfect for anyone who needs a tool that can keep up with their creative and active lifestyle. The interactive Pod features improved motion-tracking that’s twice as fast as the original Pivo Pod, launched in 2018.

As well as with Pivo Pod Silver, consumers can also discover new Pivo accessories. In addition to the original gear (Smart Mount, Action Mount, and Studio 360) Pivo adds a pouch, travel case, and tripod to help users create better content.

Pivo Pod Silver is compatible with the official Pivo apps that feature live streaming, Smart Capture modes, and Quick Create modes. “Everyone has the potential to make something creative, engaging, and impactful with the everyday smartphone.” Says Pivo CEO Ken Kim. “Pivo continues to provide an easy-to-use tool for content creators of all ages and interests.”

“We are thrilled to introduce Pivo Pod Silver to our strong and ever-growing community of users. By using Pivo, people are encouraged to ‘think outside the frame’ and share unique content. Our passionate team strives to bring Pivo to consumers worldwide.”

Adhering to their mission to unlock creative potential, Pivo now comes with added updates to the Pivo app. Users can take advantage of default save location settings, Burst and Rapid Modes, and Many Me Videos, where consumers can record three videos of themselves in a row to create an illusion of a group photo with one person. Pivo looks forward to the second half of 2020 with additional new pods, apps, and accessories scheduled in the product pipeline.