How to Take a Good Selfie

Want to step up your selfie game? Check out our Pivo tips on how to take a good selfie.

how to take a good selfie

how to take a good selfie

Whether you want to update your profile picture or post an update on your Instagram profile, capturing a good selfie can be deemed a difficult task. No matter how many shots we take (and we mean 100s…), we still end up unsatisfied with the final result.

Next time you step in front of the camera, keep these five tips in mind to get the perfect selfie.

1. Lighting is a selfie’s best friend

The perfect selfie starts with the perfect lighting. Taking your selfie outside? Face the sunlight. Stuck indoors? Make sure the lights are in front of you to avoid any unwanted shadows.  

2. Get your good side

Decide your pose and make sure you capture your best side. Be confident — authentic moments look great on you. 

3. Go hands-free!

There’s nothing worse than being kept at arms-length. Get a phone stand so you can put down your phone to take the perfect snapshot, or even better, your own camera crew, Pivo. Have fun with Smart Capture and take as many photos as you like, no hands required. 

4. Think about your facial expressions

What kind of look are you going for? Happy, serious, seductive? Look at the camera as if you’re looking at a person. The more natural you feel, the more natural the selfie. 

5. Location, location, location

Even the perfect selfie can be ruined with a dirty bedroom background. Keep all eyes on you by making sure your setting is free of messes, distractions, or unwanted photo bombers.  

What do you think of our tips? Download the infographic for easy access and check out our other how to posts to level up your content.

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