Travel Content Creator? Your Must-Have Pack List

Need some help packing for your next adventure? From a tripod to lightweight locks – we cover everything a travel content creator can’t go without.

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travel content creator pack list

Whether you are an experienced content creator, traveler or still a newbie, knowing what to pack for a trip always comes with a little dose of stress. Figuring out what you will need in the few days or weeks can be nerve-wracking. After all – we all have so much stuff, it is difficult to navigate what is actually essential and what is not.

Need some help packing for your next adventure? No worries – we’ve got your back! Here is everything you need when heading on your next vacation. From a tripod to lightweight locks – we cover everything a travel content creator can’t go without.


Traveling adventures are the perfect opportunity to create content. After all – when you are in a new place, there is so much to capture and see. For this reason, it is essential to bring your camera with you. Whether you hope to create content for your Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, or blog, having good quality photos or videos can make a lot of difference. 

Currently, Sony A6400, Olympus E-M5 Mark III, and Canon EOS M50 are amongst the favorites, but you can also shoot awesome content with your smartphone, especially if you have an AI tripod mount, like Pivo. If you do end up using your phone, remember to clear out some space before.


If you plan on creating video content, having a proper tripod is a must. Whether you wish to film a smooth timelapse of the sunset or make any other travel content, a tripod can be really handy. When traveling solo, it becomes an even bigger necessity because finding somebody who can take photos or videos of you is not always an option.

Unless you want to befriend books and walls as your tripods, investing in one, like Pivo, is a smart decision. Pivo is equipped with Auto Tracking. That means – wherever you go, it follows you and keeps you in the frame. For this reason, you get a perfect shot every time — perfect for every travel content creator.

Items you want to capture

As a travel content creator, you probably have a few collaborations in your pocket or, at least, hope to have some in the future. Traveling is the perfect opportunity to showcase your creativity. At home, working with a brand and planning campaigns can sometimes be challenging. If you have items, you would like to include in your Instagram account or any other platform, pack them with you! 

However, take these things only then if they don’t take up too much space in your bag. There is nothing worse than overpacking, especially when traveling solo. As far as adventuring goes, follow the golden rule – less is better!


It is better to be safe than sorry, right? So if there is one thing that should be on your travel packing list, it is insurance, and not only for you but also for your camera equipment gear. 

When being on the road, lots of things can happen. Your bag can be lost, damaged, or stolen. Therefore it is best to prepare for such occasions. Most professional videographers and travel bloggers get insurance for their equipment regardless of whether they are at home or somewhere away.

A convenient camera bag

If you plan on using your phone, then you can avoid this step. But a good camera bag can make your traveling that much easier. If you are a vlogger, then you should pick a bag that allows you to quickly access the equipment whenever you need it. 

If you have many different lenses, then it is best to opt for one with many pockets and bigger storage space.

A portable charger

You don’t want to worry about your phone running out of charge when there is so much to capture! One of the most convenient things you can pack for your travel adventures is a portable charger. 

They don’t take a lot of space (typically, you should be able to fit them into your handbag easily) and can be really useful when you don’t have the time to charge your phone.

Comfortable shoes

Nothing can ruin a vacation more than uncomfortable shoes and blisters. So before heading on your holiday, make sure to “test run” your chosen shoes before packing them. 

Unless you book a stay at an all-inclusive resort, where you hope to spend most of the time by the pool, travel usually involves a lot of walking. Even if you are typically somebody who has an average of thousand steps a day on vacation, it is nothing unusual to walk 10K and more steps per day. 

So with all the running, standing, walking, trekking, filming, and hiking, it is crucial to pack comfortable walking shoes. Usually, a good pair of sneakers work well, but make sure they are breathable, especially when traveling in summer.

A light jacket

Whether you are traveling to a warm or a cold place, a lightweight jacket, especially windbreakers, comes in handy. The truth is – weather conditions can be unpredictable. You can’t believe them 100%. For this reason, pack a light jacket, which you can always throw on your shoulders in case it gets chilly. 

The best part about a windbreaker is that it doesn’t take much space but can keep you warm when you need it. Remember that even if it’s hot during the day, evenings and nights can get colder.

Extra memory cards

Perhaps the most important rule for any travel content creator is to set aside enough memory. Regardless of whether you are using your phone or camera for shooting content, you must have the place to keep all the files.

If you are bringing your camera with you, don’t forget to pack extra memory cards with you. Nowadays, there are so many to choose from, plus they are not too expensive and can always be used in some kind of way.

Flip flops

Traveling is exciting, but it can also be tiring. After a long day of exploring, there is nothing better than taking your shoes off and getting into something more comfortable. Other than sneakers, you should also include slippers or flip flops in your packing list. Wear them on the plane, in your hotel, or while having fun on the beach.

Lightweight locks

When staying at hostels, having a lightweight lock is a must. Backpacking comes with its challenges. You may not always be in the safest places, and, quite frankly, you don’t even have to be in a dangerous neighborhood or area to be approached by thieves. Unfortunately, today’s world is full of pickpocketers. 

If you want to avoid unnecessary hassles, you should be responsible for your things. Having a couple of locks will dissuade potential thieves when they are looking for an easy mark.


We all know how important it is to apply daily sunscreen. Still, many of us make the mistake of not actually doing it. 

Whatever might be your travel destination, it is crucial to pack sun protection with you. In fact, you should wear it already on your flight, especially if you are sitting in the window seat. Why? With the altitude, you may be exposed to harmful UVA rays. Opt for a sunscreen that is waterproof and lightweight.

Traveling is one of the best experiences in life. Still, it comes with its challenges as you must often step out of your comfort zone. One way to reduce the stress that comes with it is to pack everything you might need. Use our list, perfect for any travel content creator, to prepare for your next adventure to avoid worries!

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