10 Ways Horse Riders Can Use Pivo

10 Ways Horse Riders Can Use Pivo

Are you curious why so many horse riders love Pivo? Check out these reasons why!

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Pivo is revolutionizing the way people take videos, especially for equestrians. It’s becoming the new must-have equipment for horse riders. With its 360° auto-tracking ability, it’s possible to film every ride without help from others. From Smart Capture to Meet Mode, Pivo offers a range of desirable features that will take your rides to the next level. Still not sure if Pivo is right for you? Check out this list of reasons why horse riders need Pivo. 

1. It turns your smartphone into an automated cameraperson

Have you ever enlisted your friends or family to record you riding only to receive a shaky video that doesn’t even have your horse in frame half of the time? Or have you tried to prop your phone up on a railing to film yourself just to be disappointed when you realize it only captured a percentage of your ride? Pivo eliminates this problem. Automated AI tracking means you will never be out of frame, and the result is a smooth, quality video of you and your horse. You don’t need another person to operate the Pivo, either. You just attach your smartphone to the Pod, place it on a tripod or a fence post, and go! 

2. There is a tracking setting designed specifically for horses

Pivo is designed with horse riders in mind. Pivo Pod Active has Horse Tracking that is able to detect the shape of a horse and track its movement. This sets it apart from other auto-tracking tripods that are only designed to find faces. The horse setting gives you peace of mind that Pivo will not lose track of your and your horse. 

3. Smart Capture can be your own personal photographer

Pivo has a Smart Capture feature that automatically takes photos of you with the click of a button! This gives you access to a library of quality photos of you and your horse without having to hire a photographer or painstakingly scrub through videos to take screenshots yourself. Put your Pivo in Photo mode and use voice commands, gestures, or your remote to trigger the camera. 

4. Auto Zoom means you’ll always be able to see what’s happening

When the Auto Zoom mode is on, your Pivo automatically zooms in and out throughout your ride, giving the perfect close-up of you and your horse from every angle. This makes sure you will always have a clear image of your ride, without having to squint! 

5. You can track your progress

It can be difficult to tell what you and your horse look like from the ground, especially if you ride alone. When you make changes or improve in your riding, it’s hard to know if it is really making a difference unless you are able to see for yourself. Pivo allows you to capture every ride, so you can look back and see how far you have come. It stores all of your videos in the app for future use. 

6. It not only tracks your progress, but it helps you make progress with your riding

Pivo gives you the ability to see your rides in action, so you can easily spot skills and maneuvers that need work and fix them! After a bad ride, you don’t have to scratch your head and wonder what happened, you can simply review the footage and see for yourself. Pivo makes it possible for you to critique yourself after every ride instead of waiting for your weekly lesson. This allows you to progress faster and stops bad habits before they even have time to form. 

7. Pivo Meet allows you to have virtual lessons with your trainer

The Pivo+ app has a Meet feature that allows you to connect your Pivo to a video call. This makes it possible to have live virtual lessons, so you can get feedback in real-time from your personal trainer or from coaches all over the world. All it requires is wireless Bluetooth headphones! 

8. Pivo is simple to set up and use

All you have to do is download the Pivo+ app, attach your smartphone to the Pivo Pod, and go! A mini remote is included with your purchase, allowing you to control the Pivo without having to get out of the saddle. There are detailed guides for setting up your Pivo on the YouTube channel and in their Support Hub. There is even a video guide specifically for horse riders! 

9. Pivo Circle makes it easy to connect with other coaches

Pivo Circle is our new platform that allows riders, coaches, and mentors to come together. On Pivo Circle, you can find coaches who are well-versed with the Meet feature and sign up for a virtual lesson with them. Check out the Events tab for a list of upcoming lesson opportunities. It’s also a collaborative space where you can seek support, guidance, and share the fun moments that Pivo captures! 

10. You can connect with other Pivo horse riders on the official Facebook group

The Pivo community does not stop at Pivo Circle, there is also an official Facebook group made specifically for horse riders! The group gives you access to one-on-one support from other riders and Pivo specialists. Riders can share tips, tricks, and clips from their ride in one convenient location! 

Pivo makes it possible to film your rides without the help of others. It has a plethora of products and features that make it an essential for any horse rider. You can film your rides, attend live virtual lessons with Meet mode, take photos using Smart Capture, and connect with the Pivo community on Circle or Facebook. 

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