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Creator Spotlight: Preston Wilson

No matter your sport, Pivo can be you business partner, training partner and creative companion. Learn how Pivo Creator Preston used his Pivo Pod Active to take his fitness business to the next level.

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You can do anything! That’s the message behind Pivographer Preston Wilson’s fitness business. Preston is a personal trainer, school counselor, and rockstar fitness content creator. Instead of using an ordinary phone tripod, he uses his AI tripod mount, Pivo Pod Active to capture amazing, helpful, and unique footage for his fitness clients and inspire them to be great.

Keep reading to learn more about how Preston uses his Pivo Pod Active to build a fitness business online with no training partner or camera crew — just his phone and his Pivo

Staying on Track with Fitness

During his sophomore year of college, Preston found himself on the brink of dropping out of school. He was feeling lost in life and needed something to get him back on track — literally! Preston joined the track team and started focusing on his fitness journey. 

Through the power of fitness and athletics, he remained in school. He was able to change his story from college dropout to first-generation college graduate. Not only did he graduate, but he finished college as a national champion in track. 

Fitness gave him so much confidence, and he wanted to carry that confidence over into the rest of his life. So, in addition to his work as a school counselor, he started coaching athletes at his school. He quickly realized his message of “you can do anything” wasn’t just for kids and he started coaching adults as well. This blossomed into his online personal training business, ACDA or Anyone Can Do Anything Fitness.

Today, he is creating a space for people to get fit and achieve their dreams regardless of what they look like. His programs prioritize performance and athleticism over looks or aesthetics. He believes that movement and fitness are a testament to what you can achieve rather than your appearance. 

How Pivo Helps Build an Online Fitness Business

In today’s fast-paced digital world, content needs to be unique, quick, and captivating. Preston says that he wouldn’t be able to make great, captivating content without his Pivo Pod Active. 

Since he focuses on athletic performance, his programs include a lot of explosive exercises, and he is always in motion when he demonstrates a new movement. 

But his business is just him — no personal camera crew — so his workout routines would be nearly impossible to film by himself. Even with a workout partner, some of his moves would be difficult to capture and articulate to his audience with conventional filming techniques. 

Luckily, Pivo helps him clearly and creatively capture his exercises and spread his message that anyone can do anything. “This separates me from other content creators and helps me film exercise in my own unique style that no one else is doing,” Preston says.

Since he is always in motion, Preston takes full advantage of the fact that Pivo is an AI tripod mount. The AI is great at body tracking and face tracking so that Preston is always in focus in the shot.

“The best thing about Pivo is it’s like having your own personal cameraman,” says Preston. “I can’t afford to have my own personal cameraman, but Pivo is a great substitute. I love that it captures everything that I do, no matter how fast I’m running, how high I’m jumping, or how much I’m flipping — it always captures it.”

Preston’s Favorite Features of the Pivo AI Tripod Mount

In addition to the body tracking features of the AI tripod mount, Preston says his two favorite features of Pivo are the Clone Trail and the Many Me video capabilities.

As Preston is moving, the Clone Trail feature uses AI to capture stills at different points in the video. This helps his clients visually see the different motions that make up a complex exercise and breaks them down in a way that makes it easy to see the dynamics of each move. This feature is perfect to help clients see the progressions through the exercises and to follow along.

Also, the Many Me video feature helps Preston really take video tutorials to the next level. The Many Me video makes it easy to compress multiple videos into one, making it look like there are multiple Prestons on screen at once. 

In fitness, the Many Me video style is especially helpful for demonstrating how to scale an exercise. For example, if Preston is demonstrating an exercise that can be scaled to be easy, medium, or hard, he can demonstrate each version of the exercise on screen at the same time. This makes it easy to compare side-by-side how the exercises are different. It also makes it easy for Preston to provide a lot of information to his audience at once with just a short, easy-to-watch, easy-to-follow clip. This is critical when you only have a few seconds to capture your audience’s attention!

Take Your Fitness Business to the Next Level with Pivo

Just as Preston assures his fitness clients that they can do anything, he says that content creators can do anything too — with Pivo! 

“Pivo really makes my content pop!” says Preston. “With Pivo, I see myself being able to create more creative content and stay ahead of the game.”

So what are you waiting for? Take your online fitness business to the next level with Pivo Pod

Pivo Pod is the leading AI-powered tripod mount that helps you to create, share, and improve. No matter your sport, Pivo can become your new go-to camera crew, business partner, training partner and creative companion. With its easy-to-use design, 360° Auto Tracking, Target Exposure, and Auto Zoom powered by AI technology, Pivo provides everything you need to bring out the creator in you.