Pivo’s Motion Tracking Tech Future for Content Creators

Los Angeles, CA (April 21, 2022) – Pivo, Inc., a leading developer of AI-technology solutions for content creators, has unveiled a full line of motion tracking mounts and peripherals that will change the way videos are made with a smartphone. Incorporating advanced AI-technology solutions, Pivo’s family of Pivo Pods offer an affordable and easy way to create stunning videos.

The Pivo Pod is a smartphone mount that allows influencers, YouTubers, vloggers, photographers, educators, athletes, real estate agents, equestrians, and casual creatives to capture high-quality video and images with minimal effort. The Pivo Pod converts a smartphone into a hands-free tool that can capture the creator’s every move.

“Imagine having the power to create stunning, motion tracking videos using only a smartphone,” states Pivo CEO, Ken Kim. “Content creators no longer need to hold their smartphones or rely on another person to film them. The Pivo Pod can capture their every move quickly and easily without causing the camera to rattle, shake or miss the best shot.”

One of the difficult challenges facing content creators is the ability to film themselves in motion without holding the smartphone or relying on another person. Pivo Pods give the user the power to capture stunning video footage and high-quality images using an Android or iOS device without relying on anyone else.

To further enhance the user’s experience, Pivo has also launched a complete line of peripherals including tripods, cases, a lightbox, and remote controls.

Notable Product Specs:

To view the Pivo Pod features enjoy this video.

With its innovative approach to content creation Pivo is poised to become the leading provider of motion-tracking smartphone mounts in the United States and the world.

About Pivo

Pivo, Inc. is a developer of AI-technology solutions for content creators. The recipient of the 2019 iF Design Award, Pivo specializes in helping creative people capture stunning footage using their smartphones. Pivo distributes its Pivo Pods to more than 138 countries. For media inquiries email dirkfoster@sparksflypr.com. For sales and distribution inquiries, email business@getpivo.com or visit https://www.pivo.ai/.


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