How to Track Your Progress and Reach Your Fitness Goals

Are you on a fitness journey? Track your progress to better achieve your goals. Check out these tips on how to achieve the best results.

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Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gym-goer, it’s important to track your progress. Not only will tracking your progress act as a means of accountability in times of laziness but it will also act as a means of motivation, encouraging you through identifiable, tangible metrics that you can see with your own eyes. 

In other words, while it’s great to be exercising consistently, without tracking progress, you won’t really know where you stand. Have you gained weight or lost weight? Are you getting stronger or weaker? Have you become leaner or bulkier? Are your form and technique improving or deteriorating?

One proven strategy shown to help achieve your goals more efficiently and effectively is documenting your journey, and more specifically, recording your progress via video and pictures. 

So, if you’ve been failing to see noticeable progress, uncertain as to what might be going wrong, consider recording yourself and documenting the journey. By following these three strategies, you’ll achieve your fitness goals in no time! 

Keep a workout log

The oldest trick in the book is to keep a daily workout log compiling all of your previous numbers (exercises performed, weight lifted, reps completed, sets, bodyweight, etc). Heck, if you really want to get into it, you can even share your thoughts, feelings, and emotions on any given day to keep yourself inspired; whatever works for you! 

Keeping a daily workout log will not only provide a level of consistency to your workouts, but it will remind you of what was accomplished in the past so that you know what to strive for in the present moment.

Unfortunately, too many of us are getting to the gym, only to lift the same weights and rep schemes over and over again. Where’s the progress in that?! 

Ultimately, a workout log is an easy, efficient, and effective way to document your fitness journey, your progress, and hold yourself accountable so that you can experience that progress you so desire.

Regularly check in with your physique 

Whether in a mirror or via a regular log of daily photos, it’s important to track the progress of your physique visually, especially if your goals relate to weight loss or muscle gain.

The reason that checking in regularly with your physique via the mirror, photos, or otherwise is that progress is unidentifiable within short time frames. In other words, if you have an incredible workout and proceed to look in the mirror a few hours later, you’re unlikely to see any progress.

However, by taking photos of your physique daily over the course of several weeks and/or months, the progress will be unbelievable. Not to mention it will keep you motivated, inspired, and accountable along the journey. 

Record yourself during performance 

Last but certainly not least, record yourself during your performance. Whether it’s lifting weights, playing in a sporting competition, or otherwise. While it might feel foreign at first, even embarrassing for some, if you’re serious about reaching your goals, filming yourself in action is a surefire way to do so.

There are several reasons why recording yourself is an effective strategy. For starters, when we’re lifting in the gym, we’re often looking at ourselves through the mirror. This, however, is only a reflection of ourselves, often giving us an inaccurate depiction of our form, technique, and otherwise. 

Next, because we look in the mirror when working out, we only see our front view. Recording yourself, on the other hand, provides you with the ability to capture several angles. 

Finally, while you might FEEL like you’re executing a proper technique, recording yourself might suggest otherwise. In order to experience true progress, it’s important to remain safe by performing any and all exercises in an optimal form — recording ourselves helps us do that.

Now, you might be asking, how do I record myself while I work out at the same time? One option, of course, is to lay your phone against a given surface. This, however, will likely produce a poor quality video.

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