How to Start a Vlog — A Guide for Newbies

how to vlog

YouTube is not just about funny videos and celeb interviews. In the last few years, it has become a digital powerhouse, and part of its success can be attributed to vlogging.

It is not difficult to see the allure of the video blogging trend. Not only is it an opportunity to capture your everyday moments, but it is also a chance to build a following, promote your business and even earn some money. If you wish to become a vlogger, we have gathered everything you need to know.

Vlogging has many benefits, and once you get into it, it will be hard to stop. Here are some of the main reasons why video blogs are so popular.

They allow you to connect with other people

As you get older, meeting people and making new friends becomes more challenging. With vlogging, you share a part of your life with viewers all across the world. Through the experience, you get to learn more about different countries and cultures, and meet like-minded people.

A great way to capture your life

When you create vlogs, you don’t necessarily have to publish them for the world to see. Although it is fun to share them with other people, video blogs can also be kept private. Just imagine how fascinating it will be to look back on them after a couple of years have passed! 

Money, money, money!

Just a few years back, nobody could imagine it would be possible to make serious money with social media. If you are wondering how vlogging has evolved, it has become a source of income for many people. 

Famous YouTubers earn millions of dollars every year. Of course, achieving success is not easy, but with hard work, it can happen. Sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and YouTube ads all generate money!

So… how do you start a vlog?

Establishing a channel and growing an audience requires a lot of work and time. But it will be a lot of fun doing it! So follow these steps on how to start a vlog.

1. Identify your audience

If you plan on making videos for pleasure, finding a niche and a target audience won’t be important to you. But those who wish to gain success with their vlogging should focus on a particular topic (travel, gaming, beauty, and so on) and audience. 

Just look at the top YouTubers. PewDiePie gained recognition by offering commentary on popular games. Jon Olsson – a former skier – made daily vlogs for more than two years, showcasing his luxurious lifestyle. To increase your chances of success, it is crucial to think about to whom you are catering your content.

2. Create a YouTube channel

Wish to show your work to the world? You will need a YouTube account! Although there are many different places you can post your vlogs (Vimeo, Patreon, even TikTok), YouTube is still the most popular platform. The great thing is that creating a channel won’t cost you a dime. In fact, if you are watching other videos, you most likely already have one.

Think of a username and figure out your brand. Include a photo that represents you, add an attractive banner, and don’t forget to attach links to your social media accounts.

3. Get yourself good gear

To create high-quality videos, you don’t have to break your bank. Although many vloggers use gear that professionals do, most of them have started with far less expensive cameras. Nowadays, you can even shoot amazing videos with your smartphone. Since most viewers enjoy YouTube in 1080p or lower resolutions, your phone will be just fine, plus many phones can shoot has high as 4K so quality is not a problem. 

But a camera isn’t the only thing you will need. Don’t forget about a standard boom microphone, a windscreen (if you will be filming outside), and at least a simple ring light.

4. Practice editing

Shooting the content is only one step in the long process of making vlogs. Once you have filmed your day, you will have to do some editing. Make sure that your vlog is clean and professional-looking. On the market, you will find many different video editing softwares. 

Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro are considered the best (and most professional) options. However, when you are starting out, even iMovie or Windows Movie Maker can be helpful. When filming through your phone, make use of the many editing apps available.

So what should you edit out? Avoid awkward silences, balance your audio, and don’t forget to do some color correction.

The beauty of vlogging is that anyone can join in the fun. You don’t have to be a professional filmmaker to create content that interests others. Building an account takes time and effort, but it really does pay off. 

Do you like these tips on how to start a vlog? Check out our other content to learn how to become a creator today!

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