Creator Spotlight: Rhi Davies

Introducing Rhi Davies — also known as Riding with Rhi — a fast-growing equestrian content creator who used Pivo to up her content creation.

rhi davies

Introducing Rhi Davies — also known as Riding with Rhi — a fast-growing equestrian content creator on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook. 

Rhi started taking horse riding lessons when she was 11 and always wanted a pony of her own. She took a brief break for riding as she got older, but recently dove back into the equestrian world with a loan horse. Now she shares her journey with her followers. 

Rhi’s videos are unique in that they share an authentic, honest look at the daily ups and downs in an equestrian’s life. On her channel, she takes viewers along for the ride and shares lots of helpful knowledge along the way. Riding with Rhi is a real treat!

How Pivo helps equestrians like Rhi easily capture amazing footage

Rhi loves to share first-person and up-close-and-personal footage of her horses and her riding experiences. But recording equestrian is no easy feat. 

When Rhi restarted her equestrian training a year ago with a new horse, she wanted to record herself riding to check her riding form and technique. She tried what all equestrians try — she rested her phone on the fence and hoped for the best.

She quickly realized that wasn’t going to work. “I’ll be honest. It was a disaster,” said Rhi. The phone on the fence trick was not good enough to check her form and it certainly wasn’t good enough to create the content she wanted to make about the ups and downs of horse riding.

Now, she uses the Pivo Pod Active to help her capture the authentic action shots she’s aiming for. 

She uses the Horse Tracking feature every time that she is out in the arena to record footage for her to watch back later and see where to improve. She is also able to share the ups and downs of each ride with her online community in a unique, engaging, and authentic way. 

“My social channels have grown so much over the past year, and I really think that Pivo and my ability to show exactly what I’m doing on any given day has played a huge part in that,” says Rhi.

Rhi’s goal is to create a channel that shares her knowledge around horse riding but also that democratizes the equestrian world. 

Capture dynamic and stunning equestrian content with Pivo!

Equestrian is a challenging but rewarding sport and trying to capture it on video can be just as challenging — but with Pivo’s AI-powered Horse Tracking technology, it doesn’t have to be! Focus on your riding and let the Pivo AI tripod mount do the video work for you. 

With intelligent Horse Tracking and faster 360° rotation, Pod Active is quick enough to keep up with you and your horse. The advanced AI ensures you and your horse are always in frame, picking up every pace and movement so you can analyze your whole routine in all its glory — just like Rhi!

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