How to Become a Better Tiktoker: 10 Essential Tips


So, you have finally decided to join TikTok. That’s great! Although it is fun to simply play around and let your creativity loose, you will need some knowledge if you plan to go viral. But don’t worry! We’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to become a pro-TikToker. 

Look out for TikTok trends

One of the most important steps to becoming a successful TikTok content creator is to follow trends. If you look at other TikTokers, you may notice that they often use similar sounds, try out the same dances and follow specific routines. 

As a content creator, you shouldn’t just shoot in the dark. Instead, identify what are the trends or, even better, make them yourself! To do that, you will have to do some serious research. That means spending some time looking at other videos. Once you have spotted a new trend, follow it!

Find your niche

Currently, the impressive social media platform has more than 1 billion users. That is an incredible number. Still, it’s important to find your niche and target audience because it’s not realistic to attract all viewers.

If you’re a content creator, you are most likely creating videos based on a specific topic. For example, dog lovers may target other pet owners and create a niche of dog clothes or dog food. If you’re a passionate traveler, you should focus on creating travel-based content.

Are you a fan of making sweet treats? Then make sure your TikTok highlights your love for baking goods. Finding a category (or two) that goes together with your interests is the best way to achieve good results.

Be unique

What makes TikTok such a fun platform is that it gives an opportunity for people to express their uniqueness. There are no limits — whether you prefer funny or deep content, make sure to be as genuine as possible.

Through your content, explain who you are and what is so unique about you. While following trends can be beneficial, it won’t do you any good unless you showcase your personality through them.

TikTok has many different filters and effects, but make sure to also check out Pivo Pod Lite. It includes multiple Fun Create Modes, which are perfect for capturing moments and producing exciting content.

Practice makes perfect

Like everything else in the world, you will need to do some practice to make cool videos on TikTok. One of the most popular trends on the platform (which hasn’t gone out of style yet) is transition videos. There is something fascinating about seeing outfit changes in just a few seconds, which is why they have gained such huge popularity.

To nail down the effect, you don’t have to be a master at editing (especially if you use Pivo Play 😉). However, you should be prepared to try it at least a couple of times before. 

For a flawless effect, you try to move as little as possible. Don’t rely just on your eyes. A good trick is to use tape to mark down where you were standing. Then you don’t have to worry about making the video on the same day. You can do whatever you need to and then continue in the same spot.

Post regularly

Do you know what sets professional TikTokers apart from all the other thousands of users? Consistency! Most content creators post a video at least once a day, while many do it even more often. Unlike Instagram, where posting too much can sometimes annoy your audience, TikTok is the perfect place to get creative with your content strategy and see what works the best. 

Once you find something that seems to attract attention, try replicating it in other ways. Plus — when you post regularly, your TikTok algorithm will improve too, which means you will be seen by more eyeballs.

Do a partnership

The fun thing about TikTok is that you don’t have to create content on your own. In fact, you can partner up with another human being to increase your chances of being seen and improve your reach! 

As the famous saying states — sometimes two heads are better than one. However, before you consider any partnerships, make sure your chosen person is relevant to your niche. Otherwise, your audience won’t be interested in what you offer.

Utilize hashtags

What is a social media post without a hashtag? Whenever you are making a video or interacting with your audience, don’t forget to include hashtags.

To increase engagement, encourage your viewers to make videos with the same hashtag you are using. Not only will that help with your brand awareness, but it will also create a deeper connection with your followers. 

Pay attention to your TikTok data

Users with a pro account get access to many different metrics like view time, shares, likes, and so much more. Pay attention to this information because then you will get an idea of what your audience is most interested in. 

If you wish to have a more successful account, you have to focus on improving your engagement levels. Eliminate any obstacles you have in the way, and then use all of your creativity to make unique content that stands out!

Include video descriptions

Your video might say more than a thousand words. Still, having a proper description is a ‘must’. Although it may seem like an extra hassle (after all of that filming and editing), make sure your videos have enticing descriptions which contain at least a couple of keywords. 

This way, your SEO will be improved, which, in turn, means more views. Also, avoid writing long essays – your descriptions should be short and sweet.

Have an exciting intro

There is nothing worse than a long TikTok that doesn’t lead anywhere. The beginning of your video should be attention-grabbing. Otherwise — people will swipe away. 

With so much information and videos available, TikTokers are picky about what they devote their time to. Therefore, your video should be value-packed from the first seconds.

Regardless of whether you aspire to be an influencer, wish to raise your brand’s awareness, or simply have fun, these tips will help boost your account’s success. Check out more of our tips for content creation here.

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