How To Grow Your Instagram Following in 2022

Want to become an Instagram influencer or market your business? Look at these tips for growing your Instagram following.

grow your instagram following

TikTok may be exploding in popularity, but don’t let that stop you from using other social media platforms. Even in 2022, Instagram remains a valuable tool for all content creators, which is why it shouldn’t be left in the dust. Nowadays, growing a presence can seem more difficult on the platform since it has been around the block for quite some time. But as long as you follow the right steps, it is not impossible! Look at these tips for growing your Instagram following.

Make use of reels

In 2022, creating Reels is a must for every content creator on Instagram. If you still haven’t tried the relatively new feature, it is the last moment to do it. Reels are similar to TikToks – they are short, fun videos where creators can showcase the best of their creativity. In fact, they are a great tool to reach new audiences (as long as you share them on your feed). 

To increase the chances of your Reels going viral, you must follow and identify current trends and try to make your videos stand out amongst others. Don’t overthink them – you don’t need your Reels to be perfect. It is more important to be authentic.

Have a consistent theme

When potential followers look at your profile, they expect to receive similar content in the future. You would be surprised to learn how big of an impact can a consistent theme and posting schedule have. Ideally, your profile should be enticing at first glance. However, that doesn’t mean you have to think of something complicated – even a simple pattern will do the work just fine.

Take a look at your last nine posts and profile picture. Is there consistency? Does your bio go together with what can be seen in your posts? Nowadays, there are many great tools available that can help plan out the layout of your feed.

Don’t forget about hashtags

The recipe for Instagram success is quite simple – you must engage with your current audience and boost the number of new followers. Creating unique and engaging content will do the trick for the first requirement. Growing your following, however, will be more challenging. 

Here is where hashtags come in. If you add them to your posts, it will be easier for people to find your content when searching for specific terms. But, of course, choosing random hashtags won’t have much impact. To reach new users, you must use ones that are frequently searched by your targeted audience. Here you can find great examples of popular hashtags for every niche.

Try the Collab feature

Not all new features on Instagram become important for content creators and marketers. However, the Collab feature can be beneficial for boosting your engagement. Not sure how it works? 

With the feature, each collaborator can have the same post in their feed. That means both accounts will also get the same likes and comments. This way, you can tap into new audiences more directly. 

Knowing the right tips and tricks can be beneficial, but remember that what really matters is the content you provide. Create fun and engaging posts to satisfy your current audience and attract new followers! With Pivo, it is much easier than before! Check out our pods and create high-quality content effortlessly! With Pivo and these tips, you’ll start growing your Instagram following in no time.

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