How to Become an Influencer: 5 Tips to Follow

So you want to be an influencer. Take these five steps and begin your journey of making a career out of content creation.

Just a few years back, social media influencers were non-existent. Today, many dream of becoming one. If you feel like that could be the right career path for you, we have tips to get you started!

Pick your social media channels

The first step in launching your influencer career is deciding which social media platforms are most suited for achieving your goals. TikTok is an excellent place to showcase your uniqueness. Instagram will be a great pick if you enjoy creating visual content. LinkedIn, however, is a better choice for business-oriented topics. 

When making this decision, consider who is your potential audience. Ideally, you should find a niche that you are passionate about. As an influencer, you’ll have to follow the latest trends of your topic, so make sure it really is something that interests you.

Optimize your account

If you wish to be an influencer, you must optimize your social media profile. Regardless of which platform you pick, make sure to switch to a business account. This will give you access to unique features and analytical tools. 

Update your photo and assess whether it goes together with your personal brand identity. It is also important to create an engaging biography because that will be one of the first things your potential followers will see.

Create a strategy

Being spontaneous is fun, but sometimes it is not the best way to go. Creating a strategy is your ticket to success. Decide how often you will post (consistency is key) and think of ways you can evolve and attract brands to collaborate with you. 

To gain followers, creating meaningful content is the thing that matters most. So whatever you prefer to do – blog posts, photos, or videos – ensure they meet your standards and the goal of your account. Nowadays, people are attracted to authentic content, so don’t try to copy other influencers or act a certain way. 

Maintain a relationship with your audience

Having a steady stream of content is one of the most important steps to becoming an influencer. You have to build a strong relationship between yourself and your followers. Don’t be afraid to engage with your audience – involve them in your content-making process. 

Many influencers make the mistake of promoting questionable products. While it may seem like an attractive option in the short term, in the long term, it can really damage the trust you have built. The same goes for buying followers. It’s a big “no”.

Draw attention to yourself

Gaining followers isn’t easy, but with hard work, it is possible. If you create quality content, attracting followers won’t be difficult. For this reason, make sure your work meets the highest standards. Try angles you’ve never used before. With Pivo, thinking outside of the box is all that much simpler. To create eye-catching videos, you don’t need a team of videographers. You can do it yourself!

Also, remember to practice SEO for your social media. Using keywords strategically can really increase your chances of being seen.

Becoming an influencer won’t happen in one day, but – as long as you devote your time – success will eventually come. Good luck!

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