How To Review Your Horse Shows and Improve Your Riding

Every show is a learning opportunity! Make sure you make the most out of it by reviewing your horse show to improve your riding. Learn how here!

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A lot is going on at horse shows — from extra grooming and organizing ride times and then remembering to have fun! At the end of a show, you will have a lot of laundry, some colorful ribbons, and vague nerve-filled memories of your riding. Your trainer is excellent at teaching, warming up, and reviewing your classes at a horse show. Adding video to the mix gives you clear memories, a plan for your next show, and perhaps a few good laughs. Follow these tips on how to review your horse shows to improve your riding so your next show is a breeze!

Any time you can video yourself, you have training gold in the palm of your hand. Using the Pivo Pod Active to capture your riding doesn’t require a volunteer videographer; the AI technology does the tracking and zooming for you. When your trainer is next to the camera, you capture your riding and valuable training tips without your trainer acting as the camera holder, too.

Review your horse show warm-up

Part of a successful horse show is finding the routine for your horse. How long should the warm-up be for each type of class you enter? Do your warm-up exercises and stretches ultimately help your horse? And most importantly, does your warm-up routine settle your mind and relax your horse?  

In the chaos of the warm-up ring, the answers to these questions can get muddled. Reviewing your warm-up video gives you insights into how your horse moves, how much tension you are carrying, and how ready your horse is to meet the judge.

The other benefit to reviewing your warm-up video is getting inspired by other riders! You can likely pick up some riding tips from your fellow horse show competitors.  

Review your class

Your horse show classes are where the rubber meets the road. You are there to impress the judge on so many levels. You and your horse become the center of attention, with eyes on your horse’s performance.  

After the horse show, take some time to review your rounds. Avoid focusing on little bobbles; look for the highlights first. Both the oops and yee-haw moments will only help your riding and competing in the future.

Of course, the family of Pivo apps helps you make terrific vids of your show adventures for social media. Your next viral video awaits! 

Look at the big picture

One of the biggest benefits of using video to document your horse show hijinks is looking at the complete package – you and your horse. 

How is your grooming game? Keep an eye on your horse’s shine, any chrome highlights, the softness of the tail, and how the braids turned out. Flashy horses catch the judge’s eye and are proof of your horsemanship and grooming skills. 

Is your horse happy? Are his eyes and ears alert and happy? Your horse’s demeanor will make an impact in the show ring. Sour and cranky horses give you clues about your horse’s mental and physical health. There may be a lameness brewing, or his brain may need a change of scenery away from showing. 

And perhaps most importantly, are you smiling as you ride? Horse shows can be serious business, but having fun is essential, too.

We hope you found these tips useful and that your next horse show goes amazingly! For more tips and tricks for your next show, check out our other horse show blogs!