How to Take Better Outdoor Photos

Want to show of your newest outfit on Instagram but not sure how to get a good shot? Check out our tips on how to take better outdoor photos.

Whether you’re on a quest to grow your Instagram following, or simply looking for ways to get double-tap-worthy images for your sponsored content, knowing how to take better outdoor photos as an influencer is crucial to the success of your digital presence. 

Long gone are the days when a DSLR and a skilled Instagram boyfriend/girlfriend were the two most important factors in influencer photography. In 2022, you can take gorgeously-candid outdoor photos using a smartphone — and your creativity.

We rounded up the best tips and tricks on taking better outdoor influencer photos so your Instagram game stays strong.

The rule of thirds

Much like taking better videos using your smartphone, outdoor photography requires you to play around with the settings and understand the rules of composition. The rule of thirds is your ticket to taking better Instagram photos based on the 3×3 grid. Place the most interesting elements of the image (that’s you) in the intersections of the grid to create balance and symmetry. Remember: digital zoom is not your friend, crop the image during the editing process instead.

Always shoot in RAW

RAW images are unaltered, which allows much editing freedom without lowering the quality of the photo. JPEGs are automatically processed by your camera so the brightness, exposure, and contrast are already predetermined. 

Determine your best angles

Scroll-stopping Instagram photos always have the perfect angle! Even the most plain backgrounds can look absolutely stunning when shot strategically. Try different angles including upward, downward, and sideways. When you are shooting full-body influencer photos, make sure the camera is just below eye level.

Know your poses

Most influencers have already mastered the art of taking good selfies, but what about outdoor, full-body poses? You’ve probably seen many influencers standing on their tiptoes as they bring one leg forward. That is because it creates a more elongated silhouette. 

Moving always makes Instagram photos interesting and eye-catching. Start taking small steps forwards to create the candid walking look that has taken over Instagram. 

Use an auto-tracking tripod

No matter if you are taking streetstyle photos of yourself or want to include both you and your camera person in a gorgeous outdoor snap, a quality tripod will be your best photomate. Pivo is an AI-powered tripod equipped with 360° motion tracking, target exposure, and auto zoom for IOS and Android.

This means that you can have a hands-free personal camera with smooth, high-quality, Face and Body Tracking that allows you to unleash your creativity without having to worry about not being in focus (again). Laugh, jump, giggle, twirl, and pose; whatever you decide to do, Pivo will quite literally follow around and track your every move. 

Color coordinate your look with the background

If you are using a plain, neutral-colored backdrop, then you are free to experiment with textures, hues, and prints. However, if you are shooting in front of a building, landscape, and so on, make sure whatever you’re wearing doesn’t blend in or clash with the background.

We hope you found these tips useful! If you’re looking for more tips on how to become an influencer, make sure to check out our content creation blogs!

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