How to: Easy Posing Tips For Influencers

Take a look at our top fashion influencer posing tips so you can elevate your content by making the world your runway.

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If posing for Instagram photos is not quite your forte, don’t fret! Fashion modeling is not exactly as effortless as those models make it seem. In reality, becoming a fashion influencer requires many trials and errors — and awkward posing is a part of the process.

Nonetheless, if you want to put some life into your photos and show off your outfits like a pro, there are some easy tricks to nail the perfect #OOTD shot. Take a look at our top fashion influencer posing tips, ahead.

Posing Tips For Fashion Influencers

It’s all about movement

If you are on a quest to highlight your beautiful dress in the cutest and most lovely way possible, set the camera to be facing upwards and start creating movement with your dress (or skirt). This influencer-approved way of flicking your dress away from your body not only occupies your hands but also gives an artistic flair to every photo. Consider it as a great way to grow your Instagram following by showing off your playful side.

Block-the-sun pose

Here’s another great fashion influencer pose for style-savvy pals who don’t know what to do with their hands. Place your hand in front of your face to cover yourself from the sun and create a shadow. This works better for outdoor photos, especially if you tend to squint your eyes under the blazing sun. Nonetheless, you can also place the palm of your hand on your forehead for indoor shots.

Walk, walk, walk

We’ve all seen those gorgeous streeetstyle snaps during fashion week, so many it’s time to master the walking game yourself. Don’t do the slow-motion thing. Instead, walk naturally and have your photographer snap multiple different photos to capture your “best step”. This way, your fashion influencer pose will look extremely realistic.

*Pro tip:

Are the images turning out too blurry? Then use an auto-tracking tripod. Pivo’s AI technology-powered tripod delivers 360° Motion Tracking, Target Exposure, and Auto Zoom. So basically, you can capture all the action as you move and make the world your runway to get the best Instagram shot possible. Who knows, maybe it will also inspire you to step up your Reels game with some fun, creative videos.


The latest Instagram photography trends require you to upgrade your side squatting skills. Have the camera facing the right or left side of your body, rest one arm on your knee, and touch your face with your other hand to get the model-of-duty look. If you have a look at every pro-level fashion influencer, you’ll notice a pattern: everyone poses this way with streetstyle and even Haute couture dresses.

The top-down sitting pose

If you are in front of a beautiful landscape, simply sit down and place the camera higher than you to capture the landscape and everything below it — meaning your #OOTD. This tried-and-true post works wonders for travel fashionistas – just saying.

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