How to Hold Yourself Accountable

Struggling to stay on your fitness journey? Use these tips as ways to help hold yourself accountable.

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Whatever your goals and objectives might be, whether health & fitness-related or otherwise, accountability is the primary ingredient for success. Unfortunately, many lack the determination and desire to push forth through adversity and instead, fall short of their efforts. 

Luckily, accountability is a skill that can be learned and taught. With a few simple tactics in combination with a simple shift in mindset, accountability can propel you to levels of success you never thought imaginable! 

Below are some key tips that you can implement immediately in order to hold yourself accountable to achieve your goals!

Employ an accountability partner

Without an accountability partner, you only have one person to rely upon during times of adversity. That person is yourself. Too often, however, typically due to fear or sheer laziness, we hold ourselves back by poor decisions during moments of weakness.

We also tend to rely only on moments of inspiration and motivation, failing to persist when to going get’s tough. That is if we’re pursuing a goal entirely on our own…

By employing a reliable and trustworthy accountability partner, however, no longer can you hide behind your excuses. Instead, whether during times of adversity or moments of achievement, your accountability partner will remain by you to ensure that you’re held accountable until you achieve your ultimate goal. 

Tell the world!

It doesn’t have to be as serious as your very own accountability partner, either. Instead, by simply voicing your goals to anyone willing to listen, whether in-person, on social media, or otherwise, you instantly create a public vow of commitment. 

This instantly results in personal accountability simply out of fear of public humiliation should you quit or fail. It also, however, provides you with an incredible community of support that can act similarly in the way that an accountability partner would. 

So, don’t keep your goals bottled up inside, for you’re only limiting your chances of success! Instead, tell the world and see what happens next… You’ll thank yourself later.

Document your progress

Whether via the written word or video recording, documenting your progress is a surefire way to hold yourself accountable. Not only will it allow you to track your progress and identify improvements but it also clarifies failures and brings to light things that need more of your effort.

This holds true in all circumstances, however, particularly with those pursuing health & fitness goals. Why? Because there are so many metrics that can be documented and tracked for your benefit. From weights lifted and weight lost to physique improvements and performance gains, it all counts! 

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