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Which Pivo App Is the Right One for You?

Meet Pivo+, Pivo Play, and Pivo Cast. Find out about these powerful apps so you know which is best suited for your creative needs.

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Whether you’ve followed our company from early 2016 or recently discovered our Pivo Pods, you’ve probably noticed our diverse range of apps. From video calls to livestreaming, we have multiple ways to meet the needs of our users around the globe. Today, we’ll reintroduce Pivo+, Pivo Play, and Pivo Cast so you know which Pivo app is best suited for your creative needs.

Meet Pivo+


Auto Tracking has always been one of the core feature of our apps. The newly launched Pivo+ greatly improves the experience for everyone. Especially those who want to get the best out of AI technology. With new features like one-click Presets and advanced remote controlling, Pivo+ becomes the hub for your favorite tracking based activities. Whether you’re recording a video or working out on a remote lesson, there’s a setting for you.

Pivo+ brings all the convenience of seamless tracking for Photo, Video, and Meet Mode – all in one app!

Pivo Play (formerly Pivo Pod app)

Pivo Play - Fun Create Mode - Many Me
Pivo Play

Next, we have an app many of our long-time users are familiar with, Pivo Play. Formerly, the Pivo Pod App, this app allows you to create stunning clips and photos in a playful way. Maximize your smartphone camera’s capabilities with easy-to-use Fun Create Modes like Many Me, Clone Trail, Magic Edge, and more. 

Dancers, roller skaters, social media influencers and more capture and share the most entertaining moments by creating with Pivo Play! 

Pivo Cast 

Pivo Cast
Pivo Cast levels up your video calls

Finally, you can easily enjoy hands-free, action-filled Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or Skype calls using your phone as a webcam. With the Auto Tracking feature, you can beam your personality in any virtual meeting space! Focus on the content and Pivo will focus on you.

While we’ll continue innovating the tracking experience for your content creation needs, we’re also reshuffling our portfolio of apps — for the better. Things will continue to change in the future, but please remember that all these changes are for the sake of creating the best Pivo experience for you! 

Creators like you have taken us this far and empower us to keep improving. We  look forward to showing you where Pivo is headed in the future.

If you have any additional questions on how Pivo+, Pivo Play and Pivo Cast operate, feel free to join us in our Pivo Official Community or Horse Riding Community.