How to Master Solo Content Creation

Want to master solo content creation? Check out these tips so you can make the best content – all by yourself.

Summer is the perfect time to go outside and create content. When the weather is warm and sunny (therefore – there is plenty of good light), coming up with ideas is much easier. Still, solo content creation remains a challenge, especially if you don’t have a photographer. 

But don’t worry! Becoming a TikTok or Instagram guru is possible even for the most inexperienced solo content creators. Here is what you need to know to master solo content creation.

Planning is key

If you wait for inspiration to magically come, you will be waiting for a long time. Even in the most beautiful places, coming up with pose ideas can become a nightmare if you get a creative block. The truth is – inspiration can only arise if you prepare in advance. 

Take a look at other content creators and what they are doing. Browse through Pinterest. Go through maps and check geotags to find places great for taking photos. Sometimes you may be lucky to find stunning locations by accident, but you shouldn’t count on that each time.

When heading on a trip, it is equally important to be organized and well-planned. Assess your itinerary, and figure out when you can take photos and videos for your accounts. Always set aside more time than you would actually need, so you don’t feel rushed and can focus on the task without any stress.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

A golden rule of solo content creation is mixing it up once every while. At some point, your posts may not do as well, and that is completely normal. But try to make the most of the experience. Assess why your audience hasn’t liked the content and how you can improve it.

Perhaps you have presented them with something they don’t really care about? If your followers love your dance videos, they might not enjoy a TikTok on the newest scientific discoveries. 

At the same time, don’t be afraid to try something new and step out of your comfort zone – you’d be surprised to see the stats that follow.

Get the proper tools for solo content creation

Professional photographers and videographers will tell you that you can shoot amazing content even with the simplest tools. But having the right equipment sure does help. While having a good camera is really advantageous, it is even more important to cover other necessities such as changing tents and tripods.

If you are looking for good equipment, of course we recommend Pivo, which allows solo creators to capture high-quality video and images with 360° Motion Tracking, Target Exposure, and Auto Zoom powered by AI technology. That means you don’t have to worry about finding a partner to shoot content with. You can do all the magic yourself.

Remember to charge up

You should always have all of your batteries full. Having 73% won’t be good enough, especially if you don’t know when you will have access to an electrical outlet. Moreover – if you find the perfect location – you need to be able to shoot as much content as you would like. If you have the means, consider buying spare batteries (solar-powered ones are the best).

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