Why Should You Be Making Instagram Reels

Want to grow your Instagram account but not sure how? Check out our blog on why you should be making Instagram Reels.

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Lita Luse
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The same way content creators are constantly competing against each other, social networks are also involved in an ever-going battle. For this reason, whenever a new platform or a feature emerges on the market, other networks copy their tools. 

Once TikTok became a hit, more and more users switched from Instagram to the new platform, so it is not a surprise that the company had to introduce a similar feature – Instagram Reels. Now, they play an essential role in becoming a successful content creator. Here is why you should be making Reels.

Get more reach

If you are a content creator, you have probably heard about reach. This explains the number of unique users that have seen your post, story, or Reel. Realistically, all of your followers won’t notice every piece of content you create, but Reels is a great way to boost this statistic. 

On average, the engagement for Instagram posts is between two to three percent, which is quite low. Here is where Reels come in. Even if you do the same video but post it as a Reel, more followers will see it. More views, of course, is better for you.

It is an opportunity to show your personality

Nowadays, we are exposed to more information than ever before. That has its advantages but also disadvantages. Since there are so many photos and videos posted every day, it is easy to get bored and overwhelmed. The only way content can remain exciting is by adding a sprinkle of your personality. 

Before, influencers may have felt that they need to show a different persona online. With Instagram Reels, you can be authentically you. Whether that is dancing silly to your favorite song or sharing funny stories, they offer an excellent opportunity to create content that showcases your character.

Enjoy the benefits of Explore page

Finding the right keywords can take hours and hours. Luckily, with Instagram Reels, there is no need to do that. Since the platform is favoring Reels, using them, it is much easier to get onto the Explore page. As a content creator, that, of course, is really important since you get more exposure.

Did you know that 200 million users look at the Explore page every day? Furthermore, half of all Instagram users check it at least every month. The value of Explore page is undeniable.

See your content reshared

The beauty of Instagram Reels is that they can be shared across different platforms. If they offer value, you can always use them on other social media networks as well. Moreover, Reels can be easily repurposed and reshared in your own Stories.

Keep up with trends

To stay relevant as a content creator, you must follow trends. That doesn’t mean you have to learn every dance on Instagram Reels. Staying true to your brand is still important. But it would be a mistake not to consider what consumers are looking for and responding the most to. Now, short, engaging videos are all the rage. Take advantage of it!

If you wish to grow your online presence, creating Instagram Reels should be a part of your strategy. Don’t be afraid to explore your creative side and show a bit of your personality. Instagram Reels aren’t just fun for your audience – they also offer more freedom for content creators.