How to Make Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is content that remains relevant over time. Learn how to make your content live on with these useful tips.

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Lita Luse
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When it comes to social media success, you’ve probably heard that quantity and consistency are key. But the truth is — you can also create content that will educate your audience without much effort. To do so, you must master the art of creating evergreen content. Whether it’s videos, articles, tutorials, or something else, you must ensure it stays relevant even years later.

So how can you do it? We’ll explain in this article.

What is evergreen content?

Simply put, evergreen content provides information that will never go out of style or become irrelevant. For example, ‘how to optimize your site for SEO’ or ‘how to cook chicken’ are topics that are considered evergreen because, for the foreseeable future, people will be interested in them. But finding the right topic is just part of success. Here are four essential tips to help you master the art of evergreen content.

Choose the right keywords

Good content can’t be imaginable without keywords, especially if you’d like it to stand the test of time. The easiest way to find the right keywords is to use an SEO research tool like Moz, Ahrefs, or SEMrush. Look up keywords that somehow relate to your topic, and check their ‘Search Volume’. Ideally, they should generate around 1,000 searches each month. That means there really is an abiding interest in your topic.

Make it SEO-friendly

As a content creator, you’re most likely tired of hearing about SEO (you aren’t the only one!). But the reality is that there really is no point in even the most awesome content if nobody can find it. In this case, it can’t be considered evergreen. That is why it is so important to optimize your content for search engines. 

Although what Google finds attractive changes constantly (a headache for content creators), there are a couple of general rules you should follow:

  • Use keywords, and make sure to include them in the title and subheadings
  • Avoid having paragraphs longer than four to five lines
  • Link back to other pages on your site
  • If possible, also include links to other high-authority sites

Avoid mentioning dates and events

Content that survives through time is considered evergreen. But the quickest way to shorten your content’s lifespan is to include current dates and specific events. Wondering why? Naturally, people stop searching for trending topics after a certain amount of time has passed. But, even if they do, they might consider your content outdated if it includes past dates and events. That’s a firm ‘no’!

Make frequent updates

Sometimes you can’t predict your article or another form of content won’t be relevant after a couple of months or even years. Thankfully, that doesn’t mean you should get rid of it entirely. Making frequent updates will ensure your content stays evergreen. Don’t forget to revise your keywords once every now and then. Search terms change over time, so you should regularly check on them.

Most importantly, remember that content creation is all about bringing value to your audience. So whenever you publish anything, consider whether it is something you would be interested in. Nowadays, there’s a lot of noise out there, so producing evergreen content is more critical than ever.

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