How to Have a Great Remote Workout

The RC3 App is a fantastic way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your solo home workout. Here’s how to get started.

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Picture this. You had a great session with your gym coach a few days ago, but then it’s time for solo workouts. You pick up the brand new weights you just invested in and prime yourself to begin, but something doesn’t feel quite right. 

Are you holding the weights correctly? Is your stance correct? What did the trainer say again? Without your trainer in the room to guide you, it’s difficult to remember all those important little details. Because of this, you run the risk of getting injured or wasting your energy by doing a move incorrectly. Both of these are likely to stop you from holding yourself accountable and continuing in your fitness journey.

If all this sounds familiar to you, we’d like to introduce to you RC3 Pro. RC3 Pro, powered by Pivo, allows you to work out at 100%, even without your trainer. Here’s how it works:

Get a dedicated coach and a specially curated program

First, you’ll be assigned a trainer certified by RC3’s legendary coach and IFBB Hall of Famer, Roy Callender. You’ll get a hyper-personalized program every month that’s curated specifically for you and your goals. 

Set up your smartphone, Pivo Pod, and RC3 Pro app

A few quick steps to connect your phone with the Pivo Pod, and you’re good to go with your workout. Pivo’s AI face/body-tracking technology makes sure the RC3 Pro app watches and analyzes your every move. Unlike other apps that require you to remain in one place in front of your smartphone camera, Pivo lets you work out with unrestricted 360° movement completely hands-free. So go ahead and lunge to your heart’s content.

Get AI real-time coaching

The RC3 Pro app guides you on how to do exercises with correct posture, technique, pace, strength, and breathing. No more room for second-guessing – you’re given immediate feedback and instructions based on your actual performance. This eliminates the workout blind spot as every rep is analyzed and shared with your personal trainer when you’re working out alone or at home.

Reduce errors and get better results

With real-time feedback on your solo workouts, you can reduce errors by more than 80% over the course of a 3-month program. You’ll get more reliable and consistent follow-ups on workouts and ultimately, achieve your fitness goals faster.

So don’t drop the weights just yet. RC3 Pro is a great little tool that ensures sessions between seeing your trainer aren’t wasted. Now you can work out anytime, anywhere, and bring your Pivo-powered fitness trainer with you. Magic.

RC3 Pro beta version is currently available for free for the first 50 people. Try it here.