Gifts for Fitness Lovers 2022

Whether you know someone that lives at the gym or you’re looking for inspiration for yourself, our handy fitness-friendly gift guide has plenty of bright ideas.

An increased focus on wellness over the last few years has left many of us feeling like we could be doing more to take care of ourselves. Whether you know someone that lives at the gym, or you have a loved one that’s made the commitment to get fit, spur them on with something from our guide on the best gifts for fitness lovers.

Recovery is key

Percussive therapy has taken the sports world by storm over the last couple of years. Percussive therapy applies quick, continuous pressure to muscle knots and pain points, and has become an integral part of the recovery process for many top athletes the world over. One standout device is the Theragun Mini, a handy, portable gadget proven to desensitize muscle pain over time. Perfect for the workout aficionados that would rather self-treat in front of the TV than sit in the masseuse’s office.

The Theragun Mini retails at $179.99

Skills worth showing off

So they have the workout down, but they want to self-evaluate, or even share their efforts with others online. How about gifting them with the Pivo Pod Active Edition? This bundle has everything a beginner or professional might need. Its powerful tracking software makes it the perfect companion for athletic training and fast-moving sports. Pivo Pod can also be used for video calls and for creating social content, meaning it’ll get plenty of use in their downtime, too.

Pivo Pod Active, $235.99

No gym? No problem

Many fitness aficionados began their training during the pandemic, and continue to predominantly exercise at home. The TRX Home2 System is a powerful, entry-level suspension system that utilizes body weight. Installable on any sturdy overhead surface, it promises a rich ecosystem of workouts. It also challenges an array of muscle groups and is safe, simple, and good fun.

The TRX Home2 System is available for $229.95

The at-home acupuncturist

Anyone that’s ever given themselves a good workout will be familiar with delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS, as they’re more popularly known. It’s also a fact that since our transition from working from home, musculoskeletal aches and pains are on the rise, as American Physical Therapy Association therapist Eric Robertson told CNBC. A good massage or physiotherapy treatment usually does the trick, but if you know someone that spends a lot of time in the gym, a Bed of Nails acupressure mat, thought to clear blockages within the body’s meridian channels and improve well-being, might be the perfect investment. 

Bed of Nails Acupressure Mat + Pillow Set, $160.00

Help them keep track

Using a smartwatch to track a workout is one thing, but what’s another way for your nearest and dearest to keep dedicated? By logging their thoughts, feelings, and plans in a fitness journal. Cossac’s Fit Log is the most popular of it’s kind. As well as feeling rather official by putting pen to paper in an ever-digitized world, the routine of logging their wellness journey helps them keep focus.

Cossac Fitness Journal starts from $14.99

Skip into 2023

Another gadget taking the fitness world by storm is the smart skipping rope. These days, fitness fanatics want to know that their workout is making a difference. This gave way to the success of FitBits and Apple Watches, the inaugural pieces of kit for those looking to get fit or even just get their step count up. Now, the equipment is beginning to track the work you do, too. Smart skipping ropes, such as the ones made by TANGRAM, show your skip count in real-time. Theirs comes with a comprehensive app downloadable straight to smartwatches and phones. Through these apps, you can invite friends to competitions and see their progress. For the colder months, TANGRAM’s donut model allows for use indoors. No excuses then.

The TANGRAM SmartRope Rookie retails at $59.95

Take the weight off their shoulders

The issue with installing workout gear into any home will primarily be space. Unfortunately, not every home has an indoor gym space as standard. When it’s time to chill out after a workout, having exercise equipment littered around might mess with the feng shui a little. So what do you do? If home exercise is their bag, why not give a loved one some weights by YBell? They allow users to do kettlebell, dumbbell, double-grip med ball, and push-up stand exercises all with a single piece of equipment. When they’re done, they can be neatly stored out of sight.

YBell Weights start from $39.99

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