Gifts for Equestrians 2022

Unfamiliar with equestrian sports? Know exactly what to get your horse-loving friends with our guide on the best gifts for equestrians.

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If you’re not much of a rider yourself but want to gift something special to a dear equestrian, it might well feel like a daunting task. Let us take the pressure off with this guide on the very best gifts for Equestrians this holiday season.

Make them proud

One thing you should know is horse lovers can never have enough pictures of their buddies. A realistic hand drawing or painting of their horse will always be a wonderful detail for an equestrian. Many talented artists work by commission and can be found on sites like Instagram and Etsy. Prices can range from around $20 to over $100.

One such artist is ArtByLeslee. Check out their Etsy page, here.

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Live and learn

Did you know that tying knots is an important part of equestrian sports? There are many situations when horses need to be secured; for example, at bathing time, or when left unaccompanied. Knots should be strong enough to prevent the horse from running away, but they also should be easy to undo. They should be loosened if the horse pulls too hard to prevent it from injuring itself. This guide all about equine knots is perfect for everyone who handles horses often.

Check out The Pocket Guide to Equine Knots: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Most Important Knots for Horse and Rider on Amazon

Hold your horses!

Buying horse tack can be challenging if you don’t know much about it. Something very practical that equestrians always need are halters. Most riders use affordable halters every day, and save an expensive, luxury halter for shows and competitions. Any equestrian would love this super cool Henri de Rivel Kushi halter. It’s made to be comfortable for the horse, and it’s adjustable so that it can have a perfect fit. As well as this, it comes with a custom brass nameplate that makes it look even fancier. You can even choose different fonts and icons to give it a personal touch.

The Henri de Rivel Kushi Halter, priced at $109.95

Give the gift of autonomy

Like any other athletes or hobbyists, equestrians love to have footage of themselves doing what they enjoy. It’s important for self-improvement – to spot mistakes and defects, and for good fun. Nowadays, with social media booming, more and more riders are sharing their skills online.

It’s not always possible to have a friend that’s on hand 24/7 to grab a cell phone or camera and shoot, though. Equestrian is also a sport that requires extreme concentration in order to be safe and avoid risks. So how do you shoot hassle-free equestrian content when you’re riding solo? A great solution to this problem is Pivo Equestrian Edition.

With this Edition, you’re giving autonomy. The equestrian will only have to find a good spot to place the tripod, and have the cellphone or camera batteries charged. Pivo will do the rest, ensuring professional filming quality and great footage of every training session or competition. As well as this, Pivo is an excellent tool for hosting and taking virtual lessons, if that’s something they’re into.

Pivo Pod Equestrian Edition, available on the Pivo website

Help them refine their skills

Does your equestrian friend ride at home, or live far away from an equestrian center? Riding lessons are big business for those wanting to get to grips with equestrian. For teachers, however, timing can sometimes be a problem. Scheduling riding lessons can be tricky unless horses are kept close by at home with the right amenities or boarded at an equestrian center. Thanks to technology, though, many instructors offer virtual or online lessons. A great resource to find online instructors is Pivo Circle, a community where teachers, coaches, and students can interact and host riding lessons. If you don’t mind “ruining” the surprise, why not ask your loved one who their favorite rider or coach is, and set up an introduction?

Learn more about Pivo Circle

Comfort for the traveling Equestrian

Equestrians have to take lots of things when they go to a show and even when they go training. Standard backpacks are not made for carrying horse equipment. It’s good to know that there’s special apparel designed for equestrians. For example, this waterproof backpack is full of pockets and has a holder for a short or medium whip and a helmet pocket. Besides, this product is great to remind your equestrian fellow how important it is to wear a helmet.

Equine Couture Pro Backpack, $93.95 on

Keep those keys safe

Equestrians usually have to carry a locker key, or a saddle room or saddle cabinet key (and sometimes even a first aid kit key for horses and/or humans!). A nice horse-themed keyring is a neat detail for an equestrian person. One such keyring is this beautiful leather and brass stirrup strap keyring from Equestrian Collections. We chose this one, but if you browse their website, you’ll find many other beautiful charms.

The Tory Leather Brass Stirrup Strap keyring is available to purchase on Equestrian Collections, $13.99