Everything You Need to Know About the Pivo Black Friday Sale

If you’re looking to bag a great deal on Pivo products, everything you need to know about the Pivo Black Friday Sale 2022 is here.

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So, what is Black Friday, anyway? It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where the term came from, but it’s thought to have emerged around the 1960s to describe the civilian chaos that took place the day after Thanksgiving, both in retail and on the streets.

Over the years, it’s been adopted by retail giants to signify the start of the Holiday retail season, where footfall is highest and discounts deepest. Black Friday is followed by Cyber Monday three days later, where the principle is essentially the same, except there’s more of a focus on online shopping.

So that’s the history of Black Friday – but what does it mean for you? Well, if you’re looking to bag a great deal on Pivo products, pay close attention to this article. Everything you need to know about the Pivo Black Friday Sale is laid out below.

When does the Pivo Black Friday sale start?

We were so excited about this year’s event that we kicked things off ahead of the official Black Friday.

As part of our Black Friday Came Early promotions, we’re currently offering up to 50% off sitewide, with free US shipping. Keep your eye on the website and ensure you’re signed up for our newsletter for any further updates!

Where can I shop?

The easiest place to find all of our products is our website.

The relevant discounts will be applied already, so no need to worry about adding any codes when you checkout.

Which items will be on sale?

The Pivo Black Friday Sale 2022 is officially our biggest ever, so whatever you’re looking for, it’s likely you’ll be able to catch a good deal. Pivo Pod Lite is at our lowest price of all time, starting at $54.99. If you’re just starting out on your content creation journey, or are looking for the perfect Christmas gift, Lite is a good place to start.

The more advanced option, our Pivo Pod, is $84.99 – almost 50% off full price.

Pivo accessories and Editions are also super-discounted: the Active, Equestrian, and Solo Editions each have over $100 off retail price!

Which products are right for me?

With so many good deals on offer, it can be overwhelming to know which products to invest in. Lucky for you, we put together this handy comparison page, so you can easily see what each product offers.

When you receive your Pivo, don’t forget to get acquainted with our apps. Start with our blog post that goes through each in detail.

Ways to pay

Good news! All major credit cards (region specific) are accepted through our website. Express payment methods like Amazon Pay, PayPal, ShopPay and Google Pay are also available, depending on where you are.

If afterpay methods like Klarna or clearpay are supported in your country, you’ll be able to select them at checkout, too.

What is Pivo’s Holiday returns policy?

Any purchases made from November 1 through December 31 are eligible for exchange or return up until January 31, 2023.

Want to check the finer details? Take a look at our returns guide, here.

Help! I have a question about my order

We get it, Black Friday is a pretty tense time. Mistakes can be made. Things can get confusing. If you need to make any changes to your order, or you just need some advice or to ask us a question, reach out to us on our contact page!