How to Take Better Photos Solo

Whether it be for solo travel or solo content creation, getting the perfect shot can prove challenging. So we prepared these tips to help you take better photos solo.

Getting that perfect picture is a skill that many have not fully accomplished. What might seem a simple snapshot can become complicated when you consider poses, lighting, background, composition, and so on. You can imagine the issues that arise when you have no one to help you take that perfect shot. Whether it be for solo travel or solo content creation, getting the perfect photo can prove challenging without the proper tools and preparation. Fear not – that’s why we’ve prepared this list of useful tips to help you take better solo photos.

Use your surroundings

You might be walking down the street, out in the park, or at the gym when you spot the perfect location for your next Instagram post. In these situations, we have no choice but to get creative. Use your bag to prop your phone up on a raised area. Use a street light to lean your phone up against. Balance it on a treadmill. Consider multiple angles where the shot might turn out well and then find a way to position your phone or camera from there. You may not be prepared for every situation, but you can definitely make it work!

Make friends with a stranger

Sometimes the shot we’re dreaming of just isn’t possible without the assistance of a second party. Don’t be shy, ask for help! If you’re comfortable enough to do so, ask a passerby if they’d be willing to take your picture. Oftentimes, a kind stranger will be more than happy to help you out.

While you can’t guarantee you’ll get the perfect shot, sometimes it’s worth the risk to try. But talking to strangers does not come easily to everyone — and that’s okay! Follow your gut and do what makes you comfortable in the given situation. 

Use a Bluetooth remote or timer

In this guide, we’re not talking about your typical selfie. We’re talking about getting the perfect shot that highlights your great outfit, the beautiful view, emphasizes your profile, or whatever you want it to focus on. The point is the perfect shot is often not attainable within the limit of your arm’s length. 

Give yourself creative freedom with a Bluetooth remote or simply use the timer on your phone. That way you can set your phone in the right location, then get yourself into position to get that perfect shot. If you have an Apple Watch, you can even use the camera function to start a timer or shoot from a distance!

Use a tripod

This may not be practical at all times, but on the days when your photo sessions are more planned, make sure to come prepared. The number one way to break limitations for taking photos solo is by bringing a tripod. With a tripod, you can guarantee the perfect location, angle, and height for your shot. These tripods come in various sizes and are highly portable and affordable, perfect for carrying around on the go. For example, Pivo even has a mini tripod to keep things compact.

But don’t stop there. Don’t just use any tripod, take it to the next level by attaching your very own AI-powered tracking pod, Pivo. Not only does Pivo allow you to set the perfect shot, but it gives you the freedom to walk around while you try different locations and poses. Auto Tracking will follow you in a 360-degree radius while Smart Capture will recognize you making a pose and capture the photo automatically. 

Whether you’re taking photos to capture memories or creating your next piece of content, these tips can help you take better photos solo, even when you’re on the move alone. Check out our blog for more content creation tips, tricks, and ways that Pivo can help you create better. 

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