Pivo Meets: Audrey Chong, Founder of The Tack Shop Singapore

At Pivo, we have the opportunity to work with some fantastic professionals. So many of these friends of Pivo have interesting stories that we feel compelled to share. First up, Audrey Chong, who runs The Tack Shop Singapore.

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At Pivo, we have the opportunity to work with some fantastic professionals from the equestrian, fitness, content creation and real estate industries. So many of these friends of Pivo have interesting stories that we feel compelled to share with you. Through our new get to know series ‘Pivo Meets’, we’re going to do exactly that. The first interview in this series is with Audrey Chong, who runs The Tack Shop Singapore, a premier equine goods store. Read all about her foray into equestrian sports and later, retail, in the blog below.

Hi Audrey! It’s great to have you as a guest on the Pivo blog. Would you like to briefly introduce yourself?

I started The Tack Shop, a quality equestrian wear store based out of Singapore, shortly after the off-the-track Thoroughbred I was leasing passed from a sudden bout of colic in 2019. After this, I felt frustrated with my riding, but still knew I wanted horses in my life. So I purchased distributorships of Equine goods like Effol, Effax, and Samshield from a fellow lifelong equestrian friend.

Where does your love of horses and equestrian come from?

My equestrian journey started at the age of six, in the most unlikely of places – a classmate’s sixth birthday party. I don’t remember much about the party except the ponies, and I’ve been horse mad ever since. I had my first lesson at 11 on a grey pony named Bugs (more Malone than Bunny!). Now, here I am a few years later, the owner of Singapore’s premier equestrian goods store.

Please tell us a bit about The Tack Shop and the work you’re doing.

The Tack Shop aims to leverage Singapore’s reputation as a business and consumer hub by bringing established equestrian brands to the region. Two distributorships grew to ten and today, The Tack Shop carries 46 brands, including Pivo. We ship worldwide, from far-flung spots in the Indonesian archipelago, to the other side of the world in Canada. 

So, how did The Tack Shop come to collaborate with Pivo?

Pivo was a natural fit with The Tack Shop’s merchandising direction. As riders ourselves, we understand how annoying it can be to constantly ask “did you get that on video?” or “could you take a shot of this ride?”. Pivo offers equestrians like us freedom and flexibility to capture our art. It also allows us focus completely on ourselves and our horse.

What do you love about Pivo?

We love how Pivo democratizes content creation. It truly gives every rider the opportunity to be the videographer of their dreams, capturing the great and the not-so-good. Most importantly, Pivo gives riders the independence to review their lessons and rides and take a class from a coach located in another country using their app, Pivo Circle. As every equestrian knows, this sport is always a work in progress! We love being a part of the Pivo Team and bringing a great learning, coaching, and communication tool to our riders in Singapore and the region.

To find out more about us and what The Tack Shop offers, visit the website or connect with them on socials.


Audrey Chong is the founder and owner of The Tack Shop Singapore. A fashion merchandiser by training, she believes the right outfit (for both rider and horse) definitely contributes to the quality of your ride. 

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