Class of 2022: Pivo Creators That Made Our Year

There’s no doubt that 2022 gave way to some brilliant content creation. Here are 7 Pivo creators that made our year!

The holidays are well and truly upon us, and with that, the 2022 season is officially coming to a close. Undeniably, it’s been another fantastic year for content creators – especially those in our Pivo community. Whether it be in fitness, equestrian, puppy training, travel, or fashion, we’re always impressed at the inventive ways our products are incorporated into everyday lives. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the official Pivo Class of 2022 – the finite list of creators that made our year.

1. Amy Roiland (Afashionnerd)

Amy Roiland, aka ‘Afashionnerd’, first gained popularity in 2013 with her successful style blog. Furthermore, her unique, tropical-inspired style and high-quality content have helped her amass a large following. We love how she uses her Pivo Pod to help her showcase outfits in creative ways. In fact, Amy is an expert in self-photography, so whether you’re in need of some inspiration or tips for taking your own content, be sure to check out her page.

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2. Sean Kitching

As a travel and adventure filmmaker, Sean Kitching consistently produces awe-inspiring content. Additionally, he shares his knowledge and experience with others through his YouTube channel, dedicated to helping creators achieve their goals. When creating his content, Sean utilizes his Pivo Pod to capture stunning b-roll footage from various locations around the world. If you’re interested in learning more about his work and creative process, be sure to check out his channel via the video below.

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3. Jamal Wilson (Highbarz)

Jamal Wilson, also known as Highbarz, is an accomplished fitness content creator. In addition to his impressive athletic career as an Olympic high jumper and co-founder of J&J House of Skills, Jamal is dedicated to providing access to high-quality training and equipment for basketball players and track athletes. When creating content, he often uses his Pivo to review his own training and inspire his followers. If you’re looking to get motivated for your New Year’s fitness goals, you’ll want to check out Jamal’s page.

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4. Gryff (Gryffdacorgi)

Gryffdacorgi, an Instagram account dedicated to a wonderful pup named Gryff, is used to show off his training progress. Using the Pivo Pod in Dog Mode (beta), they showcase entertaining (and undeniably) cute videos. While the Pivo Pod allows them to track their progress, Gryff and his owner can focus on the job at hand.

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5. Carmella Abel (Equinehelper)

Carmella Abel, or Equinehelper as she’s known on Instagram, is an expert in creating captivating equestrian content. With the help of her Pivo Pod in Horse Tracking mode, she’s able to capture beautiful footage of horses in action, highlighting their natural elegance and athleticism. Her photos and videos are expertly composed and edited, and they provide valuable insights and tips for fellow equestrian enthusiasts. Whether you are an experienced horseback rider or simply admire these magnificent animals, you will be impressed by the content that Equinehelper has to offer.

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6. Ava (Journeybacktotheice)

Ava is an Instagram creator and figure skater who uses the Pivo Pod Active Edition to produce high-quality videos of herself in action and in training. Under her Instagram handle, journeybacktotheice, she showcases both her graceful and elegant skills. Whether you’re a fan of figure skating or just appreciate beautiful, well-crafted videos, you will love the content that Ava has to offer.

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7. Taryn Dudley

Taryn Dudley is not only a fashion and lifestyle influencer, but also a professional photographer based in California. She consistently creates captivating and visually stunning content using Pivo products. Her seamless apartment tour-turned-catwalk is a stroke of pure creative genius. Whether she’s flaunting her latest fashion finds or giving a tour of her chic living space, Taryn’s use of Pivo helps her stand out and keep her audience engaged in a unique and creative way.

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