How to Capture Sports Content with Scout Bot, Powered by Pivo

Need to capture sports content but don’t want to miss watching the game? Scout Bot, powered by Pivo, has the perfect solution.

To watch, or to film – that’s often the question these days. Sure, you want to live in the moment, but you also want to share whatever it is you’re up to with your followers. Take sports events and even music concerts, for example. Have you ever left the venue with the feeling you’d watched the entire thing through a screen? It’d certainly be better if you could watch your favorite team and simultaneously capture sports content. Well, good news! The Scout Bot, powered by Pivo, has found a way you can do just that.

An official Pivo partner, Scout makes tracking progress and filming sports on your phone an absolute breeze. Its unique integration of our SDK allows you to capture the full game and film all the best highlights with a single click of the wireless remote, so you can sit back and enjoy the game – with your own eyes.

If you’ve got a Pivo Pod and Remote already, great! You’re halfway there already. 

Here’s how it works:

1. Set up your smartphone, Pivo Pod, Remote, and Scout app

Existing Pivo users are able to sign up for the Scout app subscription through New users, on other hand, can purchase the starter hardware package and app subscription. 

Upon downloading the Scout app, connect your phone with your Pivo Pod through the Scout app. You can connect the Pivo Pod onto any tripod and place it at a strategic point in the court or field to capture the best and most unique shots. Connect your Remote and capture from anywhere within 50 ft of your phone.

2. Use your smartphone camera to start filming at any angle

Most people have high-quality and sophisticated smartphone cameras, and we’re willing to bet you have one, too! With step 1 done, you can start filming with just a click of a button. 

For better quality footage, we recommend using the Smart Mount, but this is not required for you to use the Scout App*. The Smart Mount gives you the freedom to capture at any angle, whether 25° forward or 90° backward. Quickly switch from portrait to landscape mode as needed. 

3. Film different types of sport with Assist Mode

The easiest way to film sports games through the Scout app is through Assist Mode.

Assist Mode allows you to automatically pan and/or zoom at different pre-saved camera positions by using the Remote. It also accounts for different sports settings: from small court sports like basketball, to large field sports like football or soccer. It can also be used in end-line shot sports like volleyball or tennis and fixed-shot sports like baseball or softball. 

4. Save, view, and share game highlights easily

Use the remote to save notable highlights mid-recording. No need to go over hours and hours of video footage looking for highlights. They’ll automatically be saved as a clip on your phone, along with the original long footage. 

Go to your phone gallery and view the saved highlights any time you want. This makes it so much easier to edit clips and share your content with your family and friends or post to TikTok or Instagram. 

In partnership with Scout. For more information on how to capture sports content with Scout, visit their website.

*The Pivo Pod, Remote, Travel Case, and Smart Mount are included in Scout’s hardware bundle. For existing users with Pivo Pod and Remote, a Smart Mount is not necessary to use Scout App.

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