How to Take Dynamic Photos in Pivo+ Video Mode

Learn how to use the Pivo+ app’s Video Mode to take dynamic, more natural photos.

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When you think of taking a picture, your mind might automatically go to just “smile and pose!”. Even with Pivo’s AI Tracking and Pose Mode, just the idea of taking a photo can cause awkwardness or unnatural facial expressions. For others, they may not know how to pose in the first place. One method that can help alleviate the pressure of finding the perfect pose is using the Pivo+ App’s Video Mode to take dynamic, yet natural photos. Here’s how:

Setting Up Your Pivo

Before you get started, you want to go into your Pivo+ app and make sure your phone is capturing video in 4K or your phone’s highest resolution option. While you are able to take photos in lower resolution, this will provide you more freedom in capturing a high quality shot. You can find the video resolution menu in the settings of your Pivo+ app. 

Once your app is set to capture in the highest resolution, set up your Pivo in Video Mode and choose all your perfect settings. As usual, Body and Face Tracking will allow you the freedom to move care-free in your photo zone without worry of moving your tripod for every shot. 

Lights, Camera, Action

When your settings are good to go, you’re ready to start recording. By filming yourself instead of taking individual shots, you capture moments that you wouldn’t be able to by planning a pose. Video Mode allows you the freedom to experiment with poses, facial expressions, and capture moving shots naturally. 

Move around your area, pose as you like, think of something that makes you smile and show the camera your best side. With Pivo in Video Mode, you will capture it all. 

Pick Your Best Shots

Once you are satisfied with the video you have taken, now it’s time to review your footage. You can do this simply on your phone or you can upload it to a computer if this makes it easier for you. As you watch the footage, pause on the moments you would like to capture. For every photo-worthy moment, you can simply screenshot to snap the photo you would like to keep.

Why this Works

By using Video Mode, you capture every moment between every perfect shot. You’ll see expressions maybe you thought were your best ones, and others you didn’t know you made. Maybe you’ll discover your new best side. If anything, it gives you the freedom to move freely without having to worry about the timing of the shot or faking a natural movement. All these factors equate in a more successful photo-taking session, and oftentimes a boost in confidence when we discover a new side of ourselves. 

If you’re a creator, this method also gives you a ton of behind the scenes footage to create content with. It’s a win – win! 

Now you’re ready to capture dynamic photos with Video Mode and your Pivo. Try it out and share your results with us in our Facebook Community page or Instagram (@getpivo). For more Pivo Tricks and Creator Tips, make sure to subscribe to our blog so that you can continue to create better.