Which Pivo Pod Is Right for Me?

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If you’re reading this blog, that means you’re one step closer to making a big step in your creator journey — buying a Pivo! While this is great news, we understand that the options may seem a little overwhelming. Don’t sweat it – we’re here to help you decide which Pivo Pod is right for you!

Whether you’re an inspiring influencer or creator, our variety of Pivo Pods and accessories provide all the tools you need to be successful with your goals. Let’s get to it.

Things to ask yourself: 

Why do you want a Pivo? 

The first way to decide on which Pivo is best for you is knowing what you’d like to accomplish with the Pivo. Are you trying to become a TikTok creator or do you want to be a fitness influencer? Each of these goals can be accomplished with a Pivo, but each Pivo comes equipped with a different set of apps that can be used to create various types of content. With that in mind, decide what your goal content is.

What features are most attractive to you?

Auto Tracking 

The primary difference between our two main Pivos, Pivo Pod Lite and Pivo Pod, is that they offer different speeds. While the Pivo Pod Lite offers three speed settings, the Pivo Pod offers six different speed settings, allowing you to capture more dynamic movement. If movement is a primary factor, then we suggest you go with the Pivo Pod. 

Horse Tracking

Another unique feature of Pivo Pod is Horse Tracking. Equestrian creators, we’re talking to you! Get the best tracking feature for you and your horse. Want to film your next practice or review your riding before a show? Pivo Pod allows you to do all that and more. 

Colors and More Colors

Sometimes the product aesthetic is our favorite feature. If you were initially pulled to the bright colors of the Pivo Pod Lite, then that’s your Pivo! Pivo Pod Lite comes in seven colors: pink, blue, green, gray, white, purple, and classic. Choose the Pod Lite that completes your aesthetic expectations and you’re good to go!

Should I just buy a pack? 

Not only is there multiple Pivo Pods to choose from, but there’s also a wide assortment of accessories. Depending on your goals, we may have a set that comes complete with everything you need to get started. If you’re working on starting your fitness-related Instagram, then the Pivo Pod Active Edition may be exactly what you need. Or maybe you’re a solo creator on the mission of becoming an influencer. The Pivo Pod Solo Creator Edition will give you all the tools you need to create quality content on your own. Find out more about our editions here

In addition to the edition packs, there are a variety of kits that are offered with each Pivo Pod as well. Simply need a Pivo Remote and Tripod? We’ve got a kit for that too. 

Which Pivo apps do I need?

If you’re new to Pivo, you may not know exactly which apps come with your Pod. Not only that, but you may not know what other apps are available. Knowing which app is which and what they are is critical since the magic of Pivo is all in the software. 

The Pivo Pod Lite and Pivo Pod both come with Pivo+, Pivo Play, and Pivo Cast, free of charge! With these three apps, you can use Auto Tracking, Fun Create Modes, make video calls and bring Auto Tracking to your social media and more with Pivo. 

However, there are a few more apps that can be added to your collection with an additional purchase. Bring Auto Tracking to your livestream with Pivo Live, create dynamic presentations with Pivo Present, take beautiful 360-degree images of your favorite items with Pivo Studio, and create amazing 360 walkthroughs of any space with the powerful Pivo Tour.

If any of these apps intrigue your interest, then make sure to check them out on our website to find out more about their amazing capabilities.

The steps to becoming a creator can seem difficult at times, but we’re glad you’ve decided to take those steps with Pivo. We hope you found this guide useful and will continue to share more information on how you can create better with Pivo on your journey to becoming a successful content creator. 

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