The Ultimate Pivo App Guide

The magic of Pivo is all in our apps! Through our Pivo App Guide, we’ll explain exactly which one does what, and how.

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Did you know that the magic behind the Pivo Pods is all in our apps? Now that you’ve figured out which Pod is the right one for you, you’ll want to head straight to your app store to download your #1 Pivo tools. If you’re new to Pivo, you may not even know which apps are available, let alone which does what. There’s a lot to cover, but fear not, we shall clear up any questions you may have in this official Pivo App Guide. 

Meet our Free Pivo Apps

When you buy your Pivo, you will automatically gain access to our three main Pivo apps: Pivo+, Pivo Play, and Pivo Cast


This app will easily become one of your favorite apps. Pivo+ combines all your favorite Pivo features such as Auto Tracking, Video Calling, Video Mode, and Photo mode all in a single app. Not only can you easily access all your creation modes, but you can customize your Auto Tracking settings with easily created Tracking Presets. Other convenient features include Lock-On Tracking, Smart Capture, and more. 

Pivo Play

If you’re a long-time Pivo user, you may have been introduced to the Pivo Play app back when it was the Pivo Pod app. This is where the video/photo editing magic happens. Create exciting and fun videos and photos with no editing skills required. Fun Create Modes such as Many Me, Tiny Planet, and Timelapse allows you to take your content to the next level with easy-to-follow modes. 

Each of our Fun Create Modes give you a unique way to create. Learn how to use each Fun Create mode with the help of our Support Hub. Each mode has a step-by-step guide for your reference. 

Pivo Cast

This app includes some features you may be familiar with from the previously mentioned apps, but also includes some you may not even know were possible! Pivo Cast allows you to connect your Pivo to other apps and connect with others through video call. 

Similar to Pivo+, you can make video calls using Pivo Cast. Simply send the link of your Pivo call to the person you’d like to speak with and bring Auto Tracking to your video call. This feature is practice for distance learning and presenting. 

Our favorite Pivo Cast feature is the ability to bring Auto Tracking to your favorite social media. Want to record a dance cover with Auto Tracking on Instagram? Use Connect Mode to do just that. Going live on TikTok? No problem. Connect allows you to bring movement to your livestream with no extra equipment. 

Meet the Premium Apps

While you’ll have everything you need to create is included in the three free Pivo apps, we also have some premium apps that specialize in specific areas. Depending on your niche and your goals, some of these apps may provide the extra value you’d like to add to your content. 

Pivo Present

Anyone who’s given a presentation knows just how hard it can be to keep your audience intrigued. Are they looking at you? Are they looking at your presentation? Most struggle to look at both and that’s where Pivo Present comes into play. 

Pivo Present utilizes Auto Tracking and four unique presentation modes that enable you to create dynamic presentations. Seamlessly switch between presentation modes while you present and make sure that your audience never has to choose between you and the presentation content.

Not only does this create exciting possibilities for presenters, but it opens doors in various other fields such as accessibility. Need to provide Sign Language interpreting for your presentation? Easily keep the interpreter on the screen, next to the content so nothing is lost in translation. 

Pivo Present also comes with a desktop app that easily allows you to present with your favorite browser presentation platforms. 

Pivo Live

We mentioned livestreaming in Pivo Cast, but Pivo Live takes livestreaming to a higher level. Rather than depending on livestreaming on your phone, bring Auto Tracking to your favorite livestreaming platforms on your computer too. Pivo Live is also compatible with major livestreaming softwares like OBS Studio as well. 

Pivo Studio

Do you run an ecommerce platform or sell your own products online? Then Pivo Studio is the perfect tool you need to create beautiful 360 degree photos and videos of your products. Paired perfectly with the Studio 360 photo box, Pivo Studio allows you to turn your Pivo Pod into a rotating platform. Catch every angle simply with the power of Pivo Studio. 

Pivo Tour

This app can easily be called our most powerful app. Who would have thought you can create 360 tours of spaces with just the power of your smartphone and Pivo Pod? Pivo Tour allows you to capture 360 images of any space and seamlessly stitches them together to create a true-to-life walk through of your desired location. It can utilize AI or LIDAR to create a 3D Dollhouse of the capture space.

To learn more about the capabilities of Pivo Tour, check out this video on Pivo Tour Best Practices

It’s amazing to think of all the things your smartphone can do when you team up with Pivo. We hope this Pivo App Guide gives you a clear idea of how you can use each Pivo app and make the most of your Pivo Pod.

If you have any questions on how to better use your Pivo Pod and apps, make sure to leave us a comment below. Stay tuned for more Pivo and creator content by subscribing to our blog and we’ll see you next time!