CES 2023: Pivo Max Named Innovation Award Honoree

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We at Pivo are super excited to share our experience at CES 2023.

Our upcoming product, Pivo Max, was recognized as an Innovation Award Honoree – our second consecutive honor in the category! We’re very pleased to be acknowledged for our hard work alongside other exciting industry leaders.

Slated to launch this Spring, Pivo Max is an even more powerful, stable, and versatile motion-tracking mount that takes content creation to a new level. With a new design, smoother rotation, and a larger payload, content creators can now use not just smartphones but tablets and cameras to bring their ideas to life.

“We’re honored and excited to receive a nomination for the Innovation Award at CES 2023,” said Ken Kim, CEO of Pivo. “The Pivo Max is the most powerful version of our Pivo Pod yet. Users will be blown away by the design of the Pivo Max. It not only accommodates smartphones, but tablets and cameras. This makes the Pivo Max a game changer when it comes to helping solo creators create better content.”

Be sure to stay tuned across our social media and the blog for further Pivo Max updates.

We look forward to seeing you all again in 2024! In the meantime, you can check out our CES 2023 highlights in the video below.