Meta Just Announced More New Features for Instagram

After announcing a range of new features for Instagram last month, social giants Meta reveal they’re adding more new tools to the platform.

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After announcing a range of new features for Instagram just last month, Meta has added more new tools and upgrades to the platform. Previewing the new features at its product education project in Mumbai, India – in what has become a new focus territory for the social giant, Meta announced that Gifts, GIFs, and Reels Edits will all get a refresh. So, let’s take a look at the new features in detail.

New Reels editing capabilities

In April’s update, Meta announced they would be introducing a new editor for Instagram Reels. The new version allows users to stitch together video clips, audio, stickers, and text all on one screen. Now, as well as this, it will also add new Split, Speed, and Replace capabilities worldwide over the next few weeks.

  • Split: Easily split a single clip into two clips
  • Speed: Slow down or speed up your clips
  • Replace: Trade one clip out for another without affecting the timing or order of your other clips, audio or other elements in your Reel

GIFs are coming to comments

The time has come: you can now post a GIF as a comment on Instagram posts and Reels. This fun way to interact with your friends and favorite creators is available as of right now (and globally).

To post a GIF to any post on Instagram, you just need to tap the comment icon, select the GIF option to the right of the text box, and you’ll be able to access the GIPHY library. Select the GIF you want to use and your comment will be added.

Gifts for all

Last month, we brought you the news that Instagram Reels would now feature ‘Gifts’, similar to TikTok’s ‘Coins’ feature. These types of features enable users to send other creators (if they’ve enabled them to do so) Gifts that are purchased in app using ‘Stars‘ – Reels’ official currency. Now, Instagram has announced they’ll be rolling this feature out worldwide.

Here’s how to send a Gift:

  1. Go to the creator’s Reel.
  2. Tap Send gift.
  3. Tap your Stars balance on the top right.
  4. Select the number of Stars you would like to add to your balance.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to checkout.
  6. Select the gift you would like to give and tap Send.

Meta continues to enhance the user experience on Instagram with the introduction of new features. With these updates, Instagram remains at the forefront of social media innovation, providing users with more creative tools and ways to engage with content.

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