How to Vlog with Your Phone: 10 Tips

Starting your own vlog doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Follow our tips for vlogging with your phone and become an expert content creator in no time.

Starting your own vlog doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated! There’s no need for fancy cameras, all you need is your smartphone and a proper phone mount or tripod. Follow our tips on how to vlog with your phone, and become an expert content creator in no time.

1. Switch to airplane mode

Eliminate distractions and save battery power by stopping any notifications from ruining your shot. 

2. Properly orient your smartphone

Are you shooting a TikTok (portrait) or a YouTube (landscape) video? Make sure you’re in the right orientation for the platform.

3. Do test recordings

Ever record a whole video and realize something was off? Get the perfect recording the first time by doing a quick test shot. Make sure everything is set and ready to go.

4. Use an external microphone

Don’t limit yourself to the capabilities of your phone’s microphone. Utilize an external mic (preferably a wireless mic) so you can speak comfortably without straining your voice to be heard by your viewers.

5. Use proper lighting

Find the perfect natural lighting or create your own with some lighting equipment. From torch lights to ring lights, there’s plenty of affordable options! Failing this, position yourself in-front of a well-lit window for some gorgeous natural light.

6. Refine it in post

Even the perfect take needs the right context. Edit your video to the way you envisioned precisely and with care. Video editing may seem difficult at first but the more you do it, the better you’ll get.

Last week, we highlighted how great CapCut is for mobile video edits. Check out our CapCut guide here.

7. Rule of thirds

Place yourself in the right or left third of the screen. Not every shot needs to be shot front and center. Play with various positions in the camera to make your shots have variety and expanded scenery. 

8. Check your camera settings

Is your camera in the highest resolution? Make sure the setting will give you the highest quality possible. 4K footage will give you flexibility during video editing to use your film as you please without sacrificing video quality. 

9. Have fun with it

Remember, you’re not talking to a camera. You’re talking to your audience. Shake out the nerves and be yourself. Your audience will love you more for it.

10. Use Pivo

Some of these tips seem a little complicated? Pivo simplifies each vlogging tip with features perfect for every vlogger. With Auto Tracking and Presets, enjoy the freedom of recording and capturing hands-free video content with your very own AI-powered tracking smartphone mount. Simplify your content creation process, easily include effects to engage your viewers, and be on your way to becoming a successful vlogger.

We hope you enjoyed these tips on how to vlog with your phone. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Happy vlogging!

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