Not Sure What Type of Content You Should Be Making? Here’s Your Guide

Content creation has become a ‘must’ for achieving social media success. But what is content, and which type should you be making?

It’s a fact that nowadays, most things are done online. Long gone are the times when shopping or getting information was solely done through TV or radio. Social media has become paramount for brands and creators, and content creation is a ‘must’ for achieving success. When you create good content, you attract potential customers, retain existing clients, and provide valuable information to them.

So, how do you determine which type of content fits your strengths? Let’s find out.

What is content, anyway?

If you are unsure whether content creation is for you, fear not – it’s likely you’re going to find at least one type that fits your niche. You don’t necessarily have to be a professional TikToker or an Instagram influencer – though short-form video content is certainly leading the way these days. The word ‘content’ actually refers to many different types of communication. Here are just a few:

So how can you use them to your advantage? Well, each type has its own purpose.


Livestreaming – when done correctly – is a great way to interact and engage with your followers. Thanks to the unscripted nature of livestreaming, it provides a level of authenticity and builds trust more than any other medium. The good news is that no matter what platform you prefer, almost all have some form of ‘go live’ option. Some platforms like Instagram allow you to go live with another account, which offers an even bigger platform for you to tap into a new audience. It might seem nerve-wracking, but with the right amount of preparation, livestreaming can be a fun, viable option for the more outgoing content creator.

Blog posts

What was the first type of “content” to ever get successful on the web? Chances are, you’d say blog posts. In a world that’s constantly offering new types of content and challenging the ways in which we consume it, blog posts continue to hold their own. If your topics are niche enough, you can build yourself a pretty dedicated following with a good, old fashioned blog. Such long-form content is especially beneficial for attracting quality traffic to your website and for building a brand voice. 

To create successful blog content, it’s important to have an SEO strategy – that means including internal and external links and keywords to help you rank further up in search engines.

Social media content

If you were to ask your friends or family members whether they are part of any social media platform, the likely answer is yes. Nowadays, there are billions of daily active users across Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, BeReal, and the rest – so take advantage of it! To understand which platform you should focus on, assess where your target audience spends the most time. Do you make content predominantly for Gen-Z? Consider TikTok. Is your niche more professional? LinkedIn. Have something short and sweet you’d like to share? Twitter – and so on.

Aim for content that gets more engagement. Utilize videos, don’t be afraid to create humorous posts, be informative and reactive.


Do you enjoy chatting about everything and nothing? Then consider doing a podcast. 10 years ago, they weren’t a big deal, but now, there are more than 29 million podcast episodes on the web. According to statistics, more than half of American consumers have listened to at least one episode. That’s big! What makes them so great is that it’s easy to reach new users who aren’t fans of reading or scrolling the web. These days, a lot of popular podcasts record their sessions and upload them to YouTube – consider doing so for a shot at targeting two different types of consumers at once.


In 2023, the answer to ‘what is content’ certainly includes videos. The numbers speak for themselves – 96.2% of all internet users watch at least one video per week. Regardless of you or your brand’s audience shape or size, it’s a must-use form of content. Many experts predict that in the future, most online content will be videos. Now is the best time to jump on the wagon and start making videos yourself. With Pivo Pod, most of the hard work is done for you. It’s perfect for self-shooting vlogs and B-roll.

Creating content doesn’t come naturally for everyone, but thankfully, it’s a skill that can be learned. Practice makes perfect! Whether you want to gain success on social platforms or through your blog posts, there is no better time to start than now.

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