What is an Auto-Tracking Camera?

What is an auto-tracking camera and how do they work? Read more about the tech behind them and how Pivo can turn your phone into one.

If you’re not familiar with Pivo, you might be wondering how our Pods can benefit you. To help you better understand, let’s first explore what an auto-tracking camera (also known as a PTZ or Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera) is.

An auto-tracking camera is designed to effortlessly follow and track moving objects or people (and in our case – horses and dogs too!) within its viewing range. These cameras find applications in various areas, from security surveillance and live events to sports broadcasts, video conferencing, self-improvement, and more.

How do auto-tracking cameras work?

Auto-tracking cameras use smart technology, similar to motion detection.

When activated, this system efficiently follows objects such as people, vehicles, or animals within the field of view. The camera’s intelligent programming compares successive image frames, detecting motion by analyzing changes in pixels. Once it identifies movement, it tracks the object’s path across the frame, accurately following its direction of motion.

Is Pivo an auto-tracking camera?

Pivo is an auto-tracking AI-powered tripod mount. When paired with your smartphone, (or your camera or tablet, if you’re a Pivo Max user) it can be used in the same way as an auto-tracking camera. High-end auto-tracking cameras can retail for as much as thousands of dollars. Pivo, however, offers an affordable option that can help you achieve similar results, depending on what you’d like to use it for.

All you need to do to turn your smartphone into an auto-tracking camera is download the Pivo+ app, and watch as our smart, AI-powered technology tracks your movement.

Sports Practice

Form and Technique Analysis: For individual sports or solo training sessions, athletes can attach their smartphone with Pivo to the tripod and record their movements from different angles. This allows athletes and coaches to review and improve their form and techniques.

Performance Review: Pivo can be programmed to follow specific plays or exercises, capturing detailed footage for later review. Athletes and coaches can use this to identify strengths and weaknesses in performance.

Equestrian Sports: One of the most prominent use-cases of Pivo is in Equestrian Sports. With powerful, specialized Horse Tracking, Pivo takes your solo riding sessions one step further. It’s an invaluable tool for many equestrians who want to improve form or record themselves when no one else is around to help.

Dog Training: Pivo’s Dog Tracking mode just came out of beta mode, and is perfect for capturing and reviewing behavioral and training sessions with dogs and their handlers.


Fitness and Exercise: Pivo can follow you as you work out, capturing your movements and form during various exercises. You can review the footage to correct your posture and technique, leading to a more effective workout.

Public Speaking: When giving a presentation or practicing public speaking, Pivo can automatically track your movements. Reviewing the footage helps you assess your body language, gestures, and eye contact with the audience. It also takes the pressure off – no need to fiddle with your phone or kit or worry about leaving the frame: just deliver your presentation, and Pivo will do the rest.

Musical Practice: Musicians can use Pivo to capture their playing or singing. Reviewing the footage can provide valuable feedback on technique, timing, and expression.

General Self-Recording:

Beyond sports practice and self-improvement, Pivo can be used for general self-recording purposes, such as:

Real Estate: The Pivo Tour app simplifies creating high-quality, 360-degree views of your listings using your smartphone, no expertise required. It’s also suitable for client meetings, capturing engaging content for your socials, and recording webinars.

Vlogging: Content creators and vloggers can use Pivo to ensure they stay in frame while recording their videos. Our Pivo Pod Lite model is especially suited to this kind of content.

Video Calls and Conferencing: Pivo can enhance video calls by automatically tracking the user, allowing them to move around naturally while remaining in the camera’s view.

Live Streaming: Streamers can use Pivo to follow their movements during live broadcasts, making the stream more interactive and engaging for viewers.

In summary, Pivo’s auto-tracking capabilities and AI-powered technology make it an ideal alternative to more expensive auto-tracking cameras. It can enhance sports practice and self-improvement so that users can review their performance, identify growth areas, and achieve their goals. Moreover, Pivo excels in content creation, video calls, and live streaming, benefiting creators and communicators. What’s not to love?

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