How to Play Tennis: Tips from Doubles Pair Olivia Nicholls and Alicia Barnett

Off the back of the Wimbledon and ahead of the US Open, Alicia Barnett and Olivia Nicholls give us their key tips on how to play tennis.

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With the recent Wimbledon Championships and the gigantic US Open about to start, now is the perfect time to learn how to play tennis. Tennis offers great year-round exercise and sociability, making it the ideal activity for families and enthusiasts alike. Moreover, you can easily get started with a racquet and some tennis balls, as free courts are available almost everywhere.

Fresh from their recent triumph at ITF Spain and appearances at Wimbledon earlier this month, British no.1 doubles pair Olivia Nicholls and Alicia Barnett partnered with Pivo to share their expert tennis advice. Whether you’re looking to enhance your skills or begin your tennis journey, read on for valuable insights to help make you the court MVP!

You won’t need a pricey tennis club membership

“There’s little cost in learning how to play tennis, making it a great way for people to keep fit on a budget. There are free tennis courts available across the UK making it very accessible. Away from the court, you can use anything as a net: a bench, table, wall – even bags on the floor! Then, grab yourself a decent racquet and some tennis balls. You’ll also want to invest in a comfortable, sturdy pair of sneakers to stop slipping and to avoid injuries.”

Invest in lessons to improve technique

“Find a good coach or have some tennis lessons. Technique is very important, whatever level you are at. Getting technical instruction from a pro can help improve accuracy, prevent injuries and give you confidence on the court. From how to hold a tennis racquet properly to adding spin and increasing power to your shots, tennis lessons can be invaluable.”

A hop, skip, and a jump: agility is key

“All good tennis players need to work on their strength, agility and endurance. Whether you’re a tennis newbie inspired by Wimbledon or a seasoned pro looking to improve your game, an exercise you should incorporate into your workout is skipping. Moving your feet helps to increase your heart rate and prepare your body for a high intensity match. When it comes to playing on court, it’s really important to get your body moving and muscles warmed up properly so you can move around more freely.”

Record your practice for self-improvement

“One of the best ways to improve, for any level of tennis player, is to record yourself while playing. Then, you can analyze your technique and movement afterwards. Using a device like Pivo which converts your smartphone into an auto-tracking camera, is the perfect way to record yourself completely hands free. You can then watch the footage back to see where you need to improve. If you’re not sure what to look for in your own games, share the footage with a coach for their feedback. Videoing yourself can help you realize certain things like whether you’re standing in the wrong place or hitting shots too deep or too short. Video analysis goes a long way in helping us improve our game.”

Fuel your sessions and keep hydrated

“Some matches can last a while, make sure you keep eating and drinking throughout the entirety to help keep your energy up and stay hydrated. The types of snacks and drinks we’d suggest include bananas and dates. Both are great for energy, which means you can maintain peak performance throughout.”

Use a health tracker during training

“Tennis can have health benefits for everyone even if you aren’t a pro athlete. It’s great cardiovascular exercise and can also help improve muscle tone, strength and flexibility. Make sure you turn on your health tracker as tennis helps burn between 400-600 calories per hour. At the recreational level, one hour of playing tennis is also 10,680 steps.”

Equipped with this advice on how to play tennis by our two experts, Alicia and Olivia, and the aid of Pivo, you’re ready to embark on your journey! All that’s left to do is to grab your racquet, hit the courts, and let the guidance of these tennis stars lead you to success.

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