Back-to-School Tech Essentials: 2023 Guide

Whether it be for streaming, content capturing, or self-improving, gear up for the new year with our list of back-to-school tech essentials.

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As Summer draws to a close, the time to get prepped for school and university has rolled back around. Amidst the array of tasks that naturally accompany this season, we’re here to take the stress off of one thing: your shopping list. Whether you’re prioritizing uninterrupted streaming, effective content capturing, or the convenience of anti-loss gadgets, let us guide you through our list of essential back-to-school tech products to invest in for another successful academic year!

Tile Essentials: Keep your valuables safe

Bid farewell to frantic searches! Tile Mates employ Bluetooth technology to ensure your misplaced valuables always turn up – without having to flip your dorm upside down. Promising a stress-free daily routine, Tile is both iOS and Android friendly, and is voice-compatible with virtual assistants like Alexa and Google.

Tile Essentials 4-pack: $67.50 at

Pivo Pod: Solo, hands-free content creation

Step into the world of seamless content creation! Pivo Pod is a 360-degree, AI-powered, auto-tracking tripod mount. Your smartphone’s perfect companion, Pivo can be used in the gym while you’re working on improving your form, out on the track and field, or in-class for presentations and virtual assignments. It’s powerful motion-tracking technology and 2x rotation speed means it keeps up with your every move.

Pivo Pod and Remote, $149.99 at

Roku Stick: Your gateway to streaming nirvana

Embrace leisure time with Roku’s magic. When plugged into the back of your TV, Roku connects to the Internet to turn your screen into the ultimate streaming paradise. What’s better after a long day of hitting the books than plunging into a realm of 4K-ready, binge-worthy shows? An instant remedy for that post-study exhaustion, if you ask us.

Roku Streaming Stick 4K, $44.99 at

iPad Air: The perfect all-rounder

A more affordable Apple marvel, the new iPad Air is the ultimate scholar’s canvas. With a 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display and Apple’s powerful M1 chip, the 5th Gen iPad Air offers light-speed technology at your fingertips. Perfect for most majors, it doubles as an e-Reader and offers on-the-go design, composing, and editing tools. When coupled with the Apple Pencil, it becomes an ideal note-taking companion for self-study sessions and those smaller, more casual meetings. All of this certainly makes it an obvious investment for back-to-school tech.

iPad Air (5th Generation, from $599 at – (Education Pricing available)

Magnetic Mount: Diversify your content

Introducing the Pivo Magnetic Mount: your ultimate smartphone accessory for seamless work, play, and creativity. With its effortless 360° flexibility, you can tilt, swivel, and rotate your device to suit your needs. Compatible with both Android and Apple devices, the magnetic mount works harmoniously with your charging cable to ensure uninterrupted power. The ultimate sidekick for workouts, seminars, or recording, this mount adjusts effortlessly to your needs while keeping your battery full.

Magnetic Mount, $27.99 at

Kindle Paperwhite: Your on-the-go library

Kindle’s long-successful e-Reader may not seem an obvious back-to-school tech essential. But their Paperwhite model can store thousands of books and audiobooks (and comics), eliminating the hassle of hauling heavy books from library to dorm. Packed with an impressive 10-week battery life, convenient USB-C compatibility, and a glare-free display, the Paperwhite is simple but mighty. Whether you’re looking to gather essential materials for a school project or unwind from your studies with an engaging page-turner, Amazon’s infamous e-reader is a smart investment.

Kindle Paperwhite (2023), $139.99 at

Anker PowerCore Select (20000mAh): Fuel your studies

What’s more inconvenient than a dead battery? Anker eliminate this issue once and for all, with their super-powerful 20,000mAh portable charger. Equipped with dual ports and 15W high-speed charging, it can recharge devices like the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and more. The built-in Power IQ technology also ensures intuitive and efficient charging, keeping you connected hassle-free.

Anker PowerCore Select (20000mAh), $44.99 at

Sony WH-1000XM5 Headphones: Total audio clarity

Drown out chaos and focus on success. Harnessing the power of multiple microphones, the coveted Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones deliver crystal-clear audio quality, as well as advanced noise-cancelling technology. Complete with Alexa Voice Control and Wireless (Bluetooth) capabilities, these headphones are versatile for various settings, from focused library sessions and workouts at the gym to your daily commute. Experience enhanced audio and seamless functionality wherever you go!

Sony WH-1000XM5 Headphones, $398.99 at