How to Record Your Gym Workouts with Confidence

Learn how to record your gym workouts with confidence, so you can analyze and improve your performance and smash those fitness goals.

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These days, while you’re scrolling through Instagram or TikTok, you might’ve noticed an increase in the amount of creators recording themselves in the gym. Wondering how they exude such confidence? We’re here to demonstrate that capturing your workout sessions on camera doesn’t need to be awkward, embarrassing, or daunting. Simply follow the tips in this article and learn how to record your gym workouts with absolute confidence!

Benefits of recording your gym workouts

You might be wondering, “why bother recording myself at the gym?” Well, there are numerous advantages of being able to look back on your performance. Recording your workouts serves as an excellent method to assess form, identify weak and strong points, and ultimately, enhance your performance.

Moreover, if you record your gym workouts, you’ll have the opportunity to share your solo gym endeavors with a personal trainer later for feedback. Even better, if you want to showcase your progress on social media platforms, tools such as Pivo Pod offer you the ability to create high-quality content and film hands-free – all the while ensuring you remain in-frame.

Mastering the art of self-recording

Avoid peak times wherever possible

Gyms can become super crowded during peak times, and the last thing you want is to spend your time searching for an open space to set up recording. Additionally, videos with people constantly moving in and out of the frame will hinder your footage quality. Try to schedule your “recording” workouts during less congested periods—typically early mornings, mid-afternoons, or late evenings.

Remember, nobody’s really paying you much attention

As we touched on in our previous article about overcoming gym intimidation, having anxieties about going to the gym are real. However, try to remind yourself that everyone else is primarily focused on themselves. When was the last time you intently observed and critiqued someone else’s workout? Chances are, you’d say never. So don’t let the fear of judgment from other gym-goers impede your recording efforts. With an increasing number of fitness enthusiasts and creators documenting their gym experiences, bringing out a camera or smartphone to record is more common than you think!

Integrate Pivo into your setup

If you’re aiming to create your own gym video content, allow us to introduce you to your new essential tool. Pivo Pod is as an AI-powered, auto-tracking smartphone holder and tripod mount. Whether used as a standalone phone holder or attached to your tripod, Pivo is your ideal companion for capturing content solo. The accompany Pivo+ and Pivo Play apps track your body movement and move the phone with you, so even if you’re jumping around or doing running drills, you’ll never leave the shot. Even better – you no longer have to rely on anyone else to take your videos for you!

Invest in a mini-tripod

Less intrusive and more considerate of others compared to a full-size tripod, a “mini” tripod is the perfect accessory for discreetly recording yourself in a quiet corner of the gym. Luckily, you don’t have to look too far for one—our Tripod Mini is available over on our website. Lightweight with a universal 1/4″ mount and extension up to 1.15ft/35cm, it’s perfect to use with your Pivo as well as regular phone mounts for stationary recording.

Practice at home first

As with any skill, practice makes perfect. Prior to filming outside for the first time, experiment with recording yourself at home using the same setup you intend to have at the gym. This pre-practice takes off the edge, arming you with the knowledge of how to arrange your equipment at the gym. You can also practice different workouts at home first to find out which ones translate most effectively on-camera.

We hope these tips were useful to you and have given you the push you need to get recording your gym workouts! For more health and fitness tips, be sure to head to our blog and equip yourself with all the knowledge you need for self-improvement.