Pivo Meets: Dylan Gee, founder of Tennis With Dylan

Pivo sits down with Dylan Gee, professional tennis player and coach, and the force behind ‘Tennis With Dylan’ on YouTube.

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As the dust settles on another thrilling US Open, we had the privilege of sitting down with seasoned tennis coach, Dylan Gee, as part of our Pivo Meets series. Dylan’s transformed his passion for tennis into a global coaching platform. Under his ‘Tennis With Dylan’ moniker, he shares his profound knowledge of the sport. With a rich professional playing background (and ATP points – no big deal) spanning the UK, the US, and Europe, Dylan has established himself as an esteemed coach. Renowned for informative videos and invaluable tips, Dylan’s mission is to help his followers improve their tennis prowess by 1% each day.

So, join us as we delve into his career beginnings, how he finds Pivo useful, and his favorite memories as a player himself.

Dylan, it’s great to meet you! Could you tell us a bit about how you got into playing tennis?

I started playing tennis recreationally around the age of 8 years old at my local park with a group of friends. I loved the individual aspects of the sport & how complex the game was to learn and develop – I love a good challenge!

How did you end up marrying your passion for playing tennis with content creation and kicking off your career as @tenniswithdylan?

During my year playing professional tennis I became familiar with video analysis and this lead me onto filming my own tennis training content.

Being able to see yourself in action is one of the best ways to learn. Through slow motion and watching replays of yourself. I love the content creating side and matched up the tennis side so both fit perfectly.

You’ve tried Pivo for yourself – tell us a bit about how you’ve found it beneficial, both in playing yourself and for coaching.

I enjoy the tracking motion from the Pivo pod as you are able to cover a greater surface area of the court. This is not always possible with my phone when filming matches training. I use the Pivo in coaches sessions to show my clients what they need to work on and what they are doing well. It provides the client with instant access through video analysis.

What would you say was the biggest setback you’ve had so far in your career, and how did you recover from it?

I have not had many setbacks as I look to be positive and bounce back from the various situations presented. Later in the year when playing pro tennis I injured my knee when training and was out of tennis action for 6 weeks.

In this time I honed in my focus on social media and coaching. I grew a huge passion for tennis coaching and found a love for a different side of tennis.

After recovering from the injury I continued to play pro tournaments and learn and develop further as a tennis coach. Currently coaching full time alongside the various social media work.

Tournaments like Wimbledon inspire many to pick up a racquet. As someone who was once a beginner themselves, could you share the best piece of advice for aspiring tennis players looking to get started in the sport?

Tennis is a very fun sport and takes many years to develop into a great player. Enjoy the process and try to not rush. If you can find a tennis club locally and join in some group sessions this will help you to find other players that you can train with. Individual lessons are great too when developing technique and further knowledge about the game.

You’ve played at tournaments and games all over the world. What is one memory from your playing career that sticks with you the most?

My favourite memory was playing my first futures tournaments in Tunisia. I have dreamt of playing pro tennis tournaments and finally got the chance to play against pro tennis players. Winning my first ATP point was an amazing feeling and kickstarted the year on tour.

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Don’t forget to connect with Dylan on Instagram and YouTube for more incredible tennis content!