How Does Pivo Work? A Guide to Our AI-Powered Tripod Mount

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Imagine having your very own personal camera person. Someone to track your moves, follow you while you train, ride, or perform, and capture every moment perfectly so you can watch it back later. Well, you can have all of that and more with Pivo. Pivo is an AI-powered auto-tracking tripod mount, here to revolutionize your content creation game. How does Pivo work, you ask? Look no further than this comprehensive guide, where we’ll explain why Pivo has become an indispensable tool for creators, fitness enthusiasts, and equestrians alike.

How does Pivo work? The hardware and software, explained

At the heart of Pivo is a combination of advanced hardware and software. When you use one of our pods with our two apps, Pivo+ and Pivo Play, your smart device is opened up to it’s very own creative studio.

The Pods:

Currently, there are three models within the Pivo range. Pivo Pod Lite (our introductory unit, perfect for budding creators and beginners), Pivo Pod (with faster tracking speeds, and everything you need to track your progress), and Pivo Pod Max (our premium unit, which offers a 2kg payload and compatibility with cameras and tablets).

Here’s a breakdown of some of the specs our Pods feature:

  1. Base unit: The base unit is the brains behind Pivo’s operation. Compact and lightweight, it attaches to any standard tripod via it’s ¼″ UN thread. This base unit also houses the battery and micro USB (USB-c for Pivo Max) charging port.
  2. Rotating mount: Mounted on top of the base unit is the rotating mount. This component allows Pivo to pan 360 degrees, ensuring it follows your every move.
  3. Smartphone holder: Your smartphone becomes Pivo’s lens. It attaches securely to the rotating mount and accommodates most smartphone models. Adjustable and versatile, it captures your activities flawlessly. And if you bag yourself a Pivo Max, you’ll also be able to use it with your tablet or camera.

The software:

Pivo’s groundbreaking software comes to life via our two smartphone apps: Pivo+ and Pivo Play. Here’s what they can do:

  • Intelligent Auto-Tracking: Within the Pivo+ app, our AI-powered Auto-Tracking can identify and lock onto your Face or Body. For Equestrians, there’s also a Horse Tracking feature. Pivo’s tracking works by image frame detection — in a similar way to that of an Auto-Tracking Camera.
  • Remote capabilities: The Pivo+ app also allows you to connect with your coach remotely for workouts — so they can check every movement and detail even when you’re apart.
  • Auto zoom in/out: This Pivo+ feature allows you to film up close, or from a distance.
  • One-click presets: Our preset modes allow you to not only find the right tracking settings for any situation, but to also customize and save these settings to be used again with one click. Set your own Presets to get consistently awesome tracking results every time.
  • 12 quick create modes: Unleash your creativity via the Pivo Play app, with our simple-to-use Quick Create modes. Including Many Me, Clone Trail, Magic Edge, Tiny Planet and many more, these Quick Create modes are a simple one-click way to make awesome content.

The set-up

Getting started with your Pivo is simple. Here’s a quick walkthrough.

  1. After downloading the Pivo apps, create your account and sign up. Don’t forget to confirm your registration via email.
  2. “Log in” to your new account and tap “Allow” to enable access to the microphone, photo album and voice recognition
  3. To pair your device within the Pivo apps, ensure Bluetooth is enabled and switched on. Then, press and hold the power button on your Pivo until it beeps. Within the app, tap “Connect” and follow the instructions on the screen to finish the pairing process.
  4. Once you’ve set everything up within the apps, you can place your device in the Panoramic Mount. Tighten the grip fastener to secure your device, and then you’re all set. Get creating!

I’m not sure if Pivo is right for me. What can I use it for?

You can use Pivo for any hands-free, solo content creation, but many of our users find it best to use when working out or training — so they can look back and analyze their footage. Whether you’re a regular gym-goer or just getting started, the best way to improve is to watch yourself back.

Pivo is also useful for equestrians — the Pivo Pod comes equipped with one-of-a-kind Horse Tracking, which locks onto your horse while you ride for seamless, hands-free recording.

All that being said — you can also use your Pivo for video calls, remote training sessions, in education settings, and even professionally for industries such as Real Estate.

For more information about Pivo, and to compare our range of Pods, head over to our website. (Psst… Our Black Friday Sale is now on!)